6 unusual ways to make money in college: Part 1

6 unusual ways to make money in college: Part 1
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    Most of us have been there: you are in your freshman year, money pumped by your parents is cut short, and you seem to struggle with your finances.

    And it will be the same for sophomore year, junior year, and so on, unless you do something about it.


While most students’ first thought is finding a part-time job or a paid internship, here are 6 unusual ways that some students across the country are making a buck for themselves:

1. Getting Paid to Take Notes

Let’s face it: it is REALLY hard to wake up, get dressed, go out in the cold, and attend those 8 a.m. classes. However, sometimes those are important classes and most students can’t afford to miss them, as they badly need the notes. They could negotiate within their group of friends who is going to be the “designated attendee” OR they could all sleep late and pay somebody to attend their classes and take notes. If you don’t mind being in the classroom at the break of dawn or late in the evening, you could easily find people who will pay you for taking notes in those courses. If you want to be a little sneaky, you might even sell the same notes to different people, as long as they don’t find out. Just make sure you do your work thoroughly, and organize your notes neatly.

2. Proofread, edit, or offer feedback on other students’ paper

This option is especially lucrative for sophomores and above, when working with younger students. Of course, there are many websites on the internet where one could have his paper proofread. However, if that student has a paper for the exact same course you had an year ago, he will be much more likely to trust you with proofreading and editing his paper. You don’t have to write it up entirely, think of yourself more of a “consultant” for that course. Again, good work ethic means lucrative business.

3. Volunteer for campus research studies or experiments

It is a good way to earn some easy cash and add your contribution to science and progress. Researchers on campuses are always busy doing another study and often they need human subjects. It may sound a little scary at first to become a subject for a scientific experiment, but it is all safe and regulated, there won’t be any “A Clockwork Orange” scenarios. In fact, most of the time you may only need to fill out some research questionnaires. And by doing so, you may earn up to even 20$ per hour. (LINK http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/27/fashion/college-students-find-creative-ways-to-make-money.html)

Stay Tuned for part 2 on Friday as we discuss 3 more ways you can make some extra money while going to college.

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