The Benefits of Having a Car for College

The Benefits of Having a Car for College
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    Are you undecided about having a car for when you start your college adventure?

    After all, you might be worried about the costs it can incur when owning a vehicle.


This is particularly the case if you’re leaving home for the first time and having to pay all of your own bills. Can you add those various continual car costs – maintenance, gas, insurance, etc. – onto your monthly rent, broadband, and food bills?

Yet if you can fit a car into your budget, there are various benefits you can gain than simply relying on public transport and your new college buddies. Below are five that will convince you to have a vehicle on campus.

You can leave whenever you need

You don’t have to be dictated by the timetables and routes of public transport. When you have a car, you have the freedom to escape campus and travel wherever you desire – assuming you have enough money for gas.

Going to the cinema, visiting a popular restaurant across the other side of town, picking up a date – there are many reasons why you may want to get away and take a break from the confines of campus for a little bit.

Plan a road trip

As mentioned in the previous point, a car gives you the freedom to explore. This goes beyond just the area surrounding your campus, too. You can even explore the other side of the country with your friends on a fun-filled road trip.

While you may not want to plan this during standard college time, the likes of Spring Break and Presidents’ Weekend provide an ideal opportunity to go on a memorable adventure.

You’re protected if an accident occurs

If money is tight, the last thing you want is for your car to be placed out of action due to an accident. However, assuming you’re not seriously injured, a car accident shouldn’t be an issue if you take the right steps. Along with obviously having an insurance policy, you can also hire an accident attorney to ensure you receive the required compensation.

Although to avoid an accident from happening in the first place, make sure you take the steps to drive safely and in control.

Easier for employment

Okay, you can still land a job off-campus without your own form of transportation. Yet having a car makes the logistics a lot easier – particularly if the job is located in a remote area.

Furthermore, a car also opens up the door to other career opportunities. You could work as a delivery driver, for example, or as an Uber driver.

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You can offer a helping hand

Do you have a friend that requires an urgent ride to the airport? Perhaps they need help with moving to different accommodation? Whatever the situation, your car allows you to provide them with a helping hand whenever needed. This is of more benefit to those you assist, admittedly, but it can also make you feel good by being able to help out.

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