How to Make Your College Commute More Fun

How to Make Your College Commute More Fun
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    As colleges begin to open their doors, many students are opting to remain home for classes.

    Others are cautiously returning to their dorms.

    By contrast, others walk the line between these two situations.


Commuting students can often feel left out of campus life, and at times like these, it’s even easier to resent your daily drive to campus. Since there’s no avoiding the drive, you might as well learn how to make your college commute more fun.

Check out these pointers below.

Clean Out Your Car

Being stuck in a car amidst mind-numbing amounts of traffic isn’t exactly fun. However, being stuck in a car full of trash and old food is considerably worse.

Taking time to clean your car’s interior will make getting in the car itself less of a burden. Why stop there?

Look for ways to jazz up your car’s interior. Fuzzy dice, patterned seat covers, or even a fun steering wheel cover will give you something to look forward to when you start your day.


Sitting by yourself behind the wheel can seem like a chore. If you bring a friend along, though, your commute becomes a social event. Take this time to catch up with friends who you don’t share a lot of classes with.

Or, if you would rather commute with friends you do share classes with, turn your commute into a study group by having them along to quiz you as you drive. For Friday evening drives, break out the carpool karaoke! Not to mention, carpooling is a great way to save on gas money.

If you don’t have a person you can physically carpool with, try a virtual carpool. Use the time to call someone you haven’t gotten a chance to reconnect with in a while, such as a parent or a friend from another school.

You can even call up other commuters to commiserate about traffic flow or the weather or to count your blessings about having working vehicles. Whoever you talk to, it’ll make the time pass much more quickly. Just make sure you communicate safely—hands-free calls are the way to go.

Switch Up Your Soundtrack

Most people listen to some kind of music when they get in the car. Instead of listening to the same old music, though, you can use your time behind the wheel to broaden your horizons.

Have days where you listen to genres of music you’ve never tried before or check out a radio station you’ve never heard of. You can also get to know your friends better by having them recommend their Spotify playlists. Or, you can swap out music entirely.

other valuable tips:

Try out a podcast on a topic you’ve never heard of or listen to an audiobook. In college, it may be your one opportunity to read for pleasure.

The commuting life isn’t always easy, but just like college, you can choose how much you get out of it. Finding ways to make your commute more fun is just one way to enjoy your college years for what they’re worth, no matter what college looks like this year.  

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