Tips for Getting Used To Acrylic Nails

Tips for Getting Used To Acrylic Nails
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    When you visit the nail salon, it isn't hard to be entranced by all the different nail art and extensions of stylish acrylic nails.

    Acrylic nails have made manicures an extended and personalized fashion accessory.


However, these nails also come with a learning curve. The shape and length of most acrylic nails tend to be larger than the average natural nail, which means adjusting to them can come with some unforeseen challenges.

If you’re struggling to adapt to new acrylic nails or hesitant to try this style, continue reading our tips for getting used to acrylic nails so you can explore your style without additional headaches.

Start Small

The first tip for getting used to acrylic nails is to start with shorter nail lengths. Although it may be tempting to transition straight from short nails to long talons, such a drastic change could make your adaptation difficult.

If you’ve previously gotten gel manicures, you’ll want to avoid starting with longer acrylic nails. Although you may be adjusted to longer gel nails, there are several differences between gel and acrylic manicures; adapting to the latter is an entirely different experience.

When you start with smaller acrylic nails, you can slowly adapt your fingers and nails to relearn simple daily tasks before upgrading your length and size.

Use What’s Around You

Once you have long acrylic nails, one of the biggest challenges is preserving them while still accomplishing daily tasks. For example, tasks like opening a can of soda or putting on makeup without poking an eyeball can suddenly seem impossible.

The key to mastering daily tasks without the fear of broken nails is to use the surrounding materials. For example, using a fork to open soda cans or wearing gloves while applying makeup are simple and effective solutions. Once you learn how to rely on other objects to accomplish simple tasks, you’ll be one step closer to adapting to longer acrylic nails.

Type at an Angle

Typing on keyboards is often a challenge for those new to wearing longer nails. It may feel like they’re constantly in the way of sending texts and emails. The trick to relearning how to type with acrylic nails is to change the angle of your fingers while typing.

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Using the pads of your fingers with your nails angled higher will make typing more convenient and manageable. Although this position may not feel natural at first, you’ll quickly adapt.

Although these daily tasks and challenges may seem mundane, acrylics nails can significantly impact productivity when they’re first applied. These stylish extensions are meant to highlight personal styles and aesthetics, so don’t let a lack of preparation ruin their fun. Instead, read over these tips for getting used to acrylic nails and feel confident the next time you visit your local nail salon.

Image Credit: tip for getting used to acrylic nails by Pixabay

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