Tips on How to Avoid Sickness and Disease While in College

Tips on How to Avoid Sickness and Disease While in College

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    This topic is more relevant than ever with the new 2019 Coronavirus going around.


When going back to studies, it’s common to get sick within a couple of weeks of being in school (or college, university). Also, when you’re living in an apartment/dorm, you’re exposed to a lot of germs. Combined with your college lifestyle changes, this will hurt your healthy lifestyle.

So, in order to avoid getting sick or diseased, make sure that you check out these 5 ways to prevent germs from hitting you:

Wash your hands

Most people tend to do a lightning-fast rinse with water because they got a ton to do. But washing your hands with soap frequently and long enough is essential to avoiding germs into your body. If soap isn’t available, then use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to keep you away from sickness.

Avoid sick people

If you have a sick roommate, make sure that you avoid contact with them and cover your mouth with a face mask immediately.

Tell your dormmate to seek a doctor right away. Remember not to touch someone who is sick.

Get quality sleep

Keep your immune system healthy and strong. As a college student, make sure that you get plenty of sleep and stop working when you feel tired.

This is easier said than done, but a lack of sleep can seriously affect your overall health and make you prone to viruses and any other serious medical conditions.

Don’t share

Sharing your foods or stuff with your dormmate is too caring and cute at the same time. But, sharing germs and viruses from others isn’t cute at all.

It is important to keep your things from others, like your eating utensils, towels, water cups or any other things that can carry germs from others.

When you go to a restaurant, don’t use their utensils; it is a good idea if you bring your own eating utensils and your cup. Don’t forget to rub your hands with soap or hand sanitizer before eating to prevent yourself from getting sick.

Get Exercise

Remember to go to the gym to get active. This can help you with getting healthy and help you breathe better. Do this at least occasionally, to keep your immune system stronger while in college.

Get Vitamin C

Always take vitamin C before going to bed to make it less likely to get sick. Be sure that you take it regularly. You can buy vitamin C tablets in drug stores.

other valuable tips:

Drink water

By staying hydrated, your immune system will thank you, So, make sure that you keep drinking when you feel thirsty. Also, keep water in your bag whenever you go out. Avoid drinking soda every day to make you feel less fatigued. This will also help you make your skin great and clear.


Remember, don’t let college life make you weak. Stay clean and eat nutritious foods as well as get exercise every day. Always seek a doctor when you feel bad to avoid getting viruses.

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