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Study Tips

5 Tips to Help You Study More Efficiently

Effective studying habits seem to come naturally to a few brilliant students, but you never see everyone learn them. Here are some simple, fruitful ways to study far more effectively than you may be doing already.

Study Tips

4 Reasons Why Physical Notebooks Are Still Useful

These days, you can’t walk anywhere around a college campus without spotting a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Technology is a staple for students and educators everywhere—and for good reason.

Education Tips

Popular Teaching Trends for the Modern Classroom

Though school has looked different this year compared to every other year, it’s apparent that the way we educate children has changed.

Traveling Student

How To Plan Your First Road Trip

Entering college brings many students their first opportunities to be genuinely independent. One of the formative experiences many young people will get to try is taking their first road trip with friends.

Personal Advice

5 Ways To Succeed in College

A college degree used to guarantee the graduate a job, and not just any job but a quality career. In today’s day and age, it is growing more difficult to obtain meaningful employment out of college.

Advanced Education

Best Online Master’s Programs for Psychology Students

Most psychology positions demand that applicants possess advanced degrees. If you are an expert with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you can pursue a doctorate or master’s degree to advance in your field.

Fun News

Fashion Tips for the Warmer Weather

When living on a college campus, you tend to experience the seasons differently than you would at home. During winter, the long walks to and from class feel unbearable.

Student Health

Simple Ways That College Students Can Stay Energized

College students live busy lives that involve hours of study and research, work shifts, and spending time with their friends. Handling a bustling schedule can seem overwhelming at times, but managing your time is easy when your mind and body are in good shape.

Campus Life

Food Items You’re Throwing Away Too Soon

When you’re busy with work and classes, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the quality of the food in your fridge. Using your best guess to throw away any foods that might be expired or appear spoiled may seem like the best housekeeping method.

Online Education

6 Student Engagement Strategies for Online Teaching

We sometimes hear instructors complain about the online courses they teach, frustrated because they say they cannot engage with their students online as effectively as they can with their students in a “brick-and-mortar” classroom.

Traveling Student

5 Best Countries for Volunteer Teaching and Travel Abroad

Why volunteer to teach English abroad? You’ll get a chance to experience new cultures while making a difference in the lives of many other individuals.

Personal Advice

Tips for Getting Used To Acrylic Nails

When you visit the nail salon, it isn’t hard to be entranced by all the different nail art and extensions of stylish acrylic nails. Acrylic nails have made manicures an extended and personalized fashion accessory.