4 Reliable Vehicles for Commuter Students

4 Reliable Vehicles for Commuter Students
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    The traditional picture of college life is a cramped dorm room with twin beds, a mini fridge and a roommate, but you might be surprised to know that 86% of college and university students don't live on campus.


Whether they live in a student apartment, with parents, or even in their own home, one thing that every commuter student needs is reliable transportation. While public transit can be a great option in the city, it might be a no go if you either live too far out or if your town lacks the infrastructure

Are you an off-campus student looking for a new ride? Consider one of these four vehicles to help you get to class on time.


If a traditional sedan or hatchback is right for you, consider choosing a hybrid model to squeeze more miles out of every gallon. Hybrid vehicles use a combination of a gasoline-powered engine and a battery to increase fuel efficiency.

Some hybrid models have a battery that is powered by regenerative braking, while others can be plugged in at night and run off electricity for many miles before needing gasoline. This model can save you money and help the environment.

Motorbike or Scooter

For students who live close to campus, a motorbike or scooter may be the best option for making those early classes. One of the most popular types is the Italian brand Vespa, which is known for reliability and stylish looks.

If you’re a new scooter owner, you may be wondering how companies like Insure My Vespa, work out policies for customers. The good news is that insurance policies are usually less expensive for scooters and motorbikes, so ask your local agent for a quote.

City Car

If you want excellent fuel mileage combined with the comfort and safety of a car, consider a city car. These miniature cars are perfect for cruising around your college town and have enough room for all your supplies.

Unlike motorbikes and scooters, you can also take a friend along for the ride in your city car. If you are looking for something compact but with a few more features, this can be a great option.


Minivans aren’t just for moms. With the fuel efficiency of a car, the cargo room of a truck and some of the most advanced safety and convenience features on the market, a minivan is a great choice for the student who needs to haul gear for activities like sports or band.

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They’re also perfect for students who use wheelchairs. While a bit more expensive, the extra space can be a major boon to students of all kinds.

If you’re a commuter student who can’t afford a vehicle, don’t worry. There are plenty of other options for getting to campus every day.

Check out your city’s public transportation system, or see if your school offers a bus for students. You can also share rides with classmates, ride a bicycle, or walk to class. If you can afford a vehicle though, these can be fantastic options for you.

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