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College Living

How To Furnish an Apartment With Little to No Money

Moving out of the dorms is a freeing feeling for most college students. Living in an apartment opens so many possibilities, but those also come with responsibilities.

College Search

5 Things To Consider Before Deciding on a College

Picking a college is an important decision for anyone who’s considering pursuing a postsecondary education. However, it’s especially daunting if you’re a high school senior. You’ve put in years of hard work to get to this point and should be proud of your accomplishments.

Personal Advice

5 Alternative Ways To Commute to Your Workplace

Whether you are going to class or work, you will likely need a way to commute. While many people use cars, some students do not have this option, or traffic might cause issues.

Online Education

4 Ways to Make the Most of Online School

While online school can allow you greater flexibility and a wider variety of course options to choose from, it can often be a difficult adjustment to make after having learned in a school building.

College Living

Useful Tips for Keeping a Dorm Room Organized

For lots of people, their college dorm room is their first home away from home. It’s the first place you’re almost entirely responsible for if you come from living with your parents.

Education Tips

Your First College Essay is Due in 24 Hours. Now What?

It’s not a secret that one of the biggest challenges college students face is beating deadlines. Blame it on the distractions because, well, they are many.

Study Abroad

Why You Should Consider University Abroad

As you begin your senior year in high school, you should be prepared to finalize your plans for furthering your education. One option to consider is to study at a university abroad.

College Living

Handymans You Should Have On Speed Dial If Living Off-Campus

Renting an apartment as a student can be a very challenging endeavour. If you are off-campus, everything that happens in your living space is your responsibility. Therefore, you must always be careful and prepared for any unexpected situation.

College Planning

Tips for Starting Your First College Semester Out Right

Many college students will be getting out on their own for the first time this fall. To succeed in school, there are just a few things you have to do every day.

Money Tips

Money-Saving Tips for First-Year College Students

Beginning college is an exciting, terrifying, and stressful experience. You may want to focus solely on your studies, but that’s just not the reality in most circumstances.

Money Tips

Tips for Boosting Your Babysitting Career

The world of babysitting is vital to the survival of the modern family. While parents hustle and bustle about their busy lives, they need childcare solutions that they can trust.

Personal Advice

Bad Habits To Be Aware Of in Puppies

College is a pivotal point in a person’s life. They start defining who they are, making their own life decisions, and take on more responsibilities.