Ways To Reduce Accidents in Parking Garages

Ways To Reduce Accidents in Parking Garages
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    Many of us have experienced that stomach-dropping feeling when you're backing out of a parking space and—thud.

    You accidentally back into another vehicle.


Despite the fact that most vehicles are driving at slow speeds, a large number of car accidents take place in parking areas. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce accidents in parking garages.

Follow these tips to avoid hitting another vehicle the next time you try to squeeze your way into or out of a tight parking space.

Avoid All Distractions

When driving slowly, many people feel more comfortable taking their eyes off the road than they would while driving at fast speeds on a highway. As such, people driving through a parking lot may choose to fiddle with their GPS, scroll through their playlist to find a new song, or even text someone or check social media.

However, it’s important to stay vigilant. Remember that even when driving at slow speeds, you can seriously injure or even kill a pedestrian walking around the parking garage.

Use Your Turn Signal

Another way to reduce accidents in parking garages is to simply use your turn signal. Just because you know you’re going to take a hard right into the parking space in front of you doesn’t mean the person driving behind you does.

While you may forget to use your turn signal when distracted by the prospect of nabbing a great parking space, it’s important not to forgo this important step in the safe parking process.

Doing so may just land you with a dented back bumper and a very annoyed new acquaintance.

Look for Advantageous Parking Spots

In some situations, a parking garage might be packed, and you’d be lucky to get whatever spot is left open. However, if you have options, choosing an advantageous parking spot could reduce your risk of getting into an accident.

For example, parking spots that are located farther away from other vehicles will make it easier to get into and out of the spot without running into another car. While you may have to walk a little farther, you can avoid an increase in your auto insurance payments due to an avoidable parking accident.

Another example of an advantageous parking spot is a pull-though spot. By parking in a pull-through spot, you won’t have to back out of the spot when it’s time to leave. Instead, you’ll be able to pull forward where you’ll have a better visual on your surroundings.

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Take Advantage of Parking Guidance Features

In an attempt to reduce accidents, many parking garages are becoming equipped with parking guidance technology. Parking guidance refers to advanced technology that tracks how many cars have entered or left a parking lot. In doing so, it can let drivers know how many free spaces are left and even where those spaces are located.

By providing such information, parking guidance helps prevent people from driving aimlessly around parking garages which will reduce congestion and the potential for collisions. While not all parking garages have this beneficial technology available, making use of it when it is there will help prevent accidents from occurring.

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