Biggest Myths About College Life

Biggest Myths About College Life
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    Going to college is a huge moment in any young person's life.

    It's the beginning of young adulthood and the first time they leave their parent's home.

    In many ways, it is the first small step to independency.


Naturally, there is a lot of excitement, fear, and anxiety involved when this is happening. You are stepping into the unknown and want to leave a good first impression.

If you are just starting college, having many questions and preconceived, notions about it is normal. And some of them may seem exciting, and some seem daunting, but the fact is that numerous stories about college are simply false.

This misinformation can make this crucial and proud moment in your life unnecessarily stressful. So we decided to tell you all about the biggest myths about college life, so you know what to expect.

It’s so much harder than high school

One of the biggest myths about college is that it is much more complex than high school. First-year college students often become terrified because they have been told that the jump from high school to college is enormous regarding the amount of studying they need.

And while college is harder than high school, it is not nearly as much as it is made out to be. Some courses will be challenging, and there might be more papers to write, but that is normal.

The thing with college is you are finally studying something you love, unlike high school, where you had to learn even the subjects you didn’t like.

If you attend an art college, you won’t have to worry about math as you did in high school. This will make studying easier, as it will be something you genuinely love and are passionate about learning.

Being away from family is the best

Being free and away from your parent’s supervision once you go to college is often regarded as the best possible thing ever. While there are cases where this holds true, not everyone has the same experience.

You hear about staying out all the time with no one to bother you and call you in the middle of the night to see where you are and when you are coming home. And the first few weeks might be fun, but you will soon realize it is not all that great.

Many first-year students quickly learn how much they miss their families and how hard taking care of yourself is. There is no one to cook or clean up after you. You are entirely responsible for the quality of your life there.

You will still need your parent’s advice to help you prepare for challenges and difficulties students face when relocating. They will help you pack, relocate and settle in. You will also miss them very much, and in college, you will learn to appreciate the guidance and care your parents give you.

Party, party, party!

One of the most common myths about college life is that it’s all about partying hard. And why wouldn’t they when most films in a college setting often portray it as a 24/7 party house?

However, that is far from the truth. While there will be parties and you will get to drink out of those famous red solo cups, not nearly enough as you are led to believe. There will be parties, usually on the weekends but not that often.

It will also depend on what kind of student you want to be. Because if you want to be successful, partying all the time will not be an option. It will also depend on the people you surround yourself with, as some people are more introverted than others.

Going to college will be fun, just not the way you thought. You will have fun with your friends and party, but you will spend more time studying.

One of the myths about college life is that college students are unfriendly

One of the biggest myths about college is that all students are rude, unfriendly, and competitive. This puts a lot of fear into people just starting, and they feel like they are going into a battlefield instead of college.

But in reality, you will find that other students are just as scared and confused as you. They also feel nervous about this significant change and are likely looking for a friend.

Your classmates will be there to help you in those difficult moments when you have a lot of studying or need help with a paper. And you will return the favor.

They are also not that competitive, just ambitious. All students want to do well and excel at college, but that doesn’t mean they will sabotage you in the process. In fact, most people find their best friends for life in college.

Teachers are mean and unapproachable

Teachers have always been figures students are intimidated by. And unfortunately, once you go to college, that fear doesn’t go away. But college teachers are not mean and unapproachable, as you might have heard.

They are more open and understanding than high school teachers. That is because you are older and it will be easier to connect with a teacher that’s closer to you in age than it was in the previous school. College teachers know you have a lot on your plate and are more likely to help you than make your life harder.

In conclusion

As you can see, most of the things you hear about college are simply myths. You won’t have to study every minute of every day but will also not party all the time.

Your college classmates will not be your enemies, but actually your biggest allies and most likely friends for life. In college, you will learn to appreciate your parents more. And even though you are far away from them, this will bring you closer.

College life is pretty balanced, and there will be both good and bad things. But that makes you grow. Now that you know about the biggest myths about college life, you can be more relaxed about this big step coming your way.

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