Things To Do on Your First College Spring Break Vacation

Things To Do on Your First College Spring Break Vacation
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    Spring break is fast approaching, and that week off from school hits differently when it’s college curriculum and not high school.

    In the blink of an eye, the break will be over, so every college student should make the most of it before getting back to the educational grind.


Check out these things to do on your first college spring break vacation.

Take a Road Trip

A week-long break is the perfect amount of time for a road trip. Use your spring break to travel with your friends to a state where you know the fun will never stop. Try to choose a location that’s no more than a few hours away. You only have a week off, so you want to make sure you don’t spend the entire vacation driving.

Wherever you and your friends plan to go, take the scenic route and get plenty of pictures. If it’s not your turn to drive, try to do some work so that you don’t fall behind in classes. There are hotels and Airbnbs that offer discounted prices for students, so take advantage of all the deals available.

Find the Water

It’s not a spring break vacation without some sort of aquatic adventure. Find a body of water that’s not a pool and live it up. Bonus points if you travel somewhere cool, like Austin, Texas! Partying on a lake is one of the best things to do during spring break in Austin.

If you have a large enough group, you and your friends can rent out a boat for a day and spend the rest of the trip exploring whatever area you’re in. Just be sure to watch the weather reports before placing any deposits.

See High School Friends

Not everyone is fortunate enough to go to college with their high school friends. And that’s why we have vacations like spring break. Family time takes up most of the winter holidays, but spring break can be for your high school friends.

Reach out to them before the break and see if they have any plans. Whether you’ll all go back home together or meet up at the vacation spot doesn’t matter. Spending time together and catching up is all you need to worry about.

Breathe and Reboot

As a college student, you know how to have fun—naturally. But sometimes, having fun means lying down and doing nothing. This tip may seem lame, but after spending a semester and a half doing non-stop studying and assignments, taking the time to relax sounds like the perfect vacation.

Go home and recharge your batteries. Take the week off to recenter yourself and focus. You can use this time to lounge around and do nothing without feeling guilty and worrying about your responsibilities.

Your first college spring break is your time to do whatever you want. Do your thing and make sure you enjoy every second of it.

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