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Student Health

The Importance of Consumer Education in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has intrigued millions of people in America, and if you’re like most, you have a long list of questions regarding whether it’s right for you. How does cannabis work? Is it safe to use daily? What are the side effects of using products such as CBD oil?

Traveling Student

4 Things You Might Have to Replace on Your Car

There are quite a few steps that you can take to protect and maintain your vehicle, but you will most likely have to replace at least a few parts over the years.

College Living

The Benefits of Taking Breaks During Lunch

After a long day of lectures, enjoying your downtime in between is vital. Here are the benefits of socializing and relaxing during lunch breaks.

Traveling Student

Why Students Should Learn How To Use Public Transportation

Students should learn how to use public transportation for many reasons. It’s a key life skill that can benefit you in both the short and long term.

Campus Life

Tips for Choosing the Right Backpack for Commuters

Things can be extra stressful as a college student, but those who are commuters must plan carefully to make the trip to school with all their extra gear.

Campus Safety

Different Ways To Improve Parking Garage Safety

Students and faculty need to feel comfortable and safe while they’re on campus. Explore a few different ways to improve parking garage safety.

Personal Advice

How To Protect Your Smartphone from Damage

Your phone is like an extension of, well, your entire life. Here’s how to protect your smartphone from damage and ensure it delivers the service you need.

Personal Advice

What To Consider Before Getting a Pet in Your 20s

Pets are much bigger commitments than many young adults tend to realize. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider all your options before buying one.

Campus Life

Great Tips For Planning a School Fall Festival

Fall festivals are perfect for students to enjoy the chilly weather and seasonal fun on campus. Discover some great tips for planning a school fall festival.

Personal Advice

How to Live Your Best Adult Life

Everyone has their own opinion on how best to live their life as an adult. But what really works? What advice is worth listening to? How do you choose what to do once you turn eighteen and your adult life begins?

Personal Advice

How to Have Difficult Conversations With Your Roommate

Living with people isn’t easy. And sometimes, when important conversations need to happen to address issues or problems, you might wonder what to say and do.

Campus Cars

What Students Need To Know About Buying a Used Car

Whether this is your first vehicle or not, there are still some very important things that all students need to know about buying a used car.