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4 Factors to Consider When Selecting a College to Attend

Tweet Joining college is one of the best decisions a person can ever make in his life. No one can downplay the benefits that come with it. The right college

College Planning

What to Know About Taking Your Education Abroad

Tweet However, as great as it sounds to simply pack up and move across the world to continue your studies, there are plenty of factors to consider. How will you

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3 Tips for Selecting a College as a Student Athlete

Tweet Below are tips for selecting a college as a student athlete. They are recommended for athletes who are considering scholarship offers although they are also applicable to anyone who

College Planning

7 Ways Today’s Universities Are Changing

Tweet Thanks to a handful of cultural events, American colleges have experienced a number of radical revolutions in recent years, and few universities remain as their alumni remember. For better

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Why You Should Pick the School You Love: Advice From an Ex College Student

Tweet More advice from a college friend: During your senior year of high school, you always get asked the same questions first. “So where are you going to college next

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Big University Not For You? Five Great Options To Consider

Tweet There are many options available to further education and increase income potential. Online Classes Online classes offer the convenience of going to college for some who may not be

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Getting a Trade Degree as a Career Move may be a More Valid Option Than You Realize!

Tweet Going to college for four years appears seems to be the default choice for a lot of people when they finish high school. Other options such as trade school

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Transferring From Community College to a University – Pros and Cons

Tweet There are a number of reasons people attend community college prior to transferring to a four year university program; cost of tuition is among the factors in this decision.

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Keep In Mind These Thoughts on College Planning

Tweet More tips from a college friend of mine: College planning isn’t always as easy as it seems. As a person who has worked in higher education at a private

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Is it Necessary for You to Attend a Top University to Achieve Success?

Tweet There is no question that top schools like Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, and Yale all have the name recognition that might help you earn a job interview or triumph over

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Your College Search: The Best Campus For You

Tweet Virtually every year, colleges are overwhelmed with applications from high school students who want to enter their programs. The individual college doesn’t matter. Record application numbers have been reached

College Search

4 Tips to Guide Your College Search

Tweet Getting into college is still one of the most competitive hurdles that young individuals face. In America for instance, college admission rates to prestigious colleges remain very low, with