Have a Dream Career? How to Find the Right School for You

Have a Dream Career? How to Find the Right School for You
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    The days of walking out of high school graduation straight into a lifelong career are over.

    Education is key to being able to meet your career goals.


If you have a particular type of job in mind, it’s essential that you identify the best possible school for learning the skills you’ll need to qualify for a job.

Here are four ways to figure out what school is best for you.

Find Out Where the Best People Went

There are plenty of schools offering any given program, offering the same certifications, licenses, and degrees as many other institutions. Understand that not all these programs are created equal.

Employers know which schools have provided the best-qualified workers, so ask them where they recommend you attend if you want them to hire you. It’s also important to look into who has connections to where you want to work.

Work experience, internships, and volunteering create a more potent resume than any grade or degree. In your degree, you want to build a body of work that speaks for itself. The right program will help you build an engaging portfolio and/or resume to make you a great hire.

Plan for the Long Term

You may be enrolling in a program that is designed to qualify you for a career and that’s it. If that’s your plan, go for it. However, many careers start you in a production position before presenting you with opportunities to move up into management and supervision.

If your initial training gives you credit at a college, you might be able to transfer it into a bachelor’s program later on, quickly qualifying you to move up the ranks. Whatever you want to do, having a multiple avenues forward is always a good idea.

Look Into Affordability

When it comes to education, you get what you pay for–to a certain point. Going to the most expensive school will not necessarily make you any more qualified than going somewhere that costs 10 or 15 percent less. Remember that you’ll every dollar you spend on your education must be earned, borrowed, or won through scholarships.

Many state colleges and trade schools often a fantastic education at a good price. There are also lots of ways to get great internships and opportunities outside of ivy leagues. Shop around for the best education buy.

Think About Attendance

It’s one thing to find your school of choice. It’s another to develop a plan for how you’ll get there and back each day, where you’ll live, and all the other logistics.

A costly out-of-state move or long commute could defeat the purpose of choosing an affordable school, so make sure that you think through how your daily routine will work when classes start. Talking to former or current students can help you get a sense of where you will fit in.

other valuable tips:

As you prepare for a new career, you’re probably bombarded with educational options. You can probably eliminate a lot of them just because you already know what your career path is.

Once you’ve thinned them out, you can work your way to a final decision by evaluating the remaining options based on the guidelines we’ve presented here. It can feel like an immense decision, so don’t be afraid to go with your gut and follow your heart.

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