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Can a College Student Really Get a Car Loan With No Credit?

Tweet By Cedric Sheldon And now you are faced with a dilemma — do you ask your parents to co-sign your loan or are you comfortable with trying to get

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Is the Scion IQ the Ultimate College Car?

Tweet Diminutive Scion debuts this October. The Scion iQ debuts this fall, a tiny 4-seat microcar that defies easy description. Not much bigger than a Smart ForTwo, this model is

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New Car For My Kid? What, Are You Nuts?!

Tweet If your son or daughter lives on campus — far away from home — what sort of transportation do they rely on? Public transportation? Ride sharing with other students?

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Ford Focus: America’s Value Leader

Tweet Before anyone gets their knickers twisted in a wad over the title to this article, please know this: the Ford Focus is the lowest priced car on the market