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College Completion: Where Students End Up

Tweet In some states, including Minnesota, at least one in four students that started college in 2006 completed their degree elsewhere. In Alaska, 28 percent of college students didn’t just

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Grad Dreams: 2013 Scion FR-S

Tweet Sexy sports car is decked out in Scion attire. Scion was created to appeal to niche first-time car buyers, 20-something people who are at the start of their careers

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Take Off, Young Grad!

Tweet College seniors know that the current graduation cycle is one of the most challenging ones seen in decades. That grim news is not of any comfort to the student

Campus News

Spring Commencement Speakers Making Headlines

Tweet Last month, we shared who some of the commencement speakers will be at college graduation ceremonies this spring. We mentioned that the president has three ceremonies to attend while

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At 87, He Is A College Grad

Tweet Most students receive their college degrees while they are in their 20s with some returning students getting their degrees while balancing work and family responsibilities. A growing trend in