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Career Planning

Career Choice: Critical Care Nurses

Nurses may specialize in different medical areas including critical care. Critical care nurses are licensed professional nurses who are tasked with helping individuals with life-threatening problems.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Paralegals and Legal Assistants

Legal practices are not only staffed by attorneys, but also include paralegals and legal assistants, individuals that help gather facts, prepare legal documents and research legal precedent.


The Good & the Bad of Intersession Courses

As colleges and universities wrap up the fall semester, the spring semester will kick in about four to six weeks later. During that lull, some institutions offer winter or “intersession” classes.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Loan Officer

Money makes the world go ’round, right? In some ways that statement is true — if you have the funds, then you can do almost everything that you want to do.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Database Administrator

Ah, computers. They are an essential part of our lives and when they work according to plan, computers are immensely useful. When they cause us trouble, we may curse the manufacturer, programmers or anyone else that has had a hand in development.

Campus News

US Professors of the Year: 2013 Winners

At least one of your college professors may have been recognized as “Professor of the Year” and you did not even know it.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Urologists

Urologists are physicians tasked with diagnosing, treating and helping to prevent benign and malignant medical and surgical disorders.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Fuel Cell Engineers

Fuel cells are being used to develop alternate transportation vehicles including hydrogen-powered cars. The industry is in its infancy with the first mass-produced vehicles expected to hit the market by 2015.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Geothermal Production Managers

Employment in environmentally sustainable fields continues to grow with new job titles emerging all the time. Natural heat tapped from the earth can provide an alternate source of energy, a geothermal-derived byproduct that needs to be managed.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Biomass Plant Technicians

So-called “green jobs” are growing and it has little to do with sunlight, water or good soil. What has happened is that people want, no they are demanding that the earth be cleansed and left in good shape for generations to come.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Anesthesiologists

Anesthesiologists are physicians, people that administer anesthetics to patients before or during surgery or for a medical procedure.

College Search

College Applicant Waitlisted: Now What?

You have applied to the college of your dreams or at least to one school that is among your top considerations for attending. Just when you are expecting notification, you receive a thin letter from the school. Uh, oh. It looks like you have been turned down.