Smart Tips For Keeping A Car On Campus


There are a number of colleges across the nation where students are discouraged, even forbidden from keeping a car while on campus. Highly urbanized, these schools have easy access to mostly everything on foot with mass transit nearby to whisk students across the city, even back to their home towns.

Chevy AveoElsewhere, some schools go to the other extreme and are virtual islands of higher learning, far from city life and operating pretty much as self-contained communities. For students living on or near the rural or suburban campus, private transportation is necessary in order to get to part time jobs or to other off campus activities.

One expense often not factored in by families who are sending their offspring away to college is the cost of transportation. This added cost can shake any budget, but it is an expense that needs to be taken into consideration, especially when no viable alternative is present.

If your son or daughter already has a car, you can help keep costs down by doing the following:

Keep Your Child On Your Insurance Policy — Even if your child’s car will be based out-of-state, it probably would be best for him or her to remain on your insurance policy. They’ll get the benefit of your established policy and won’t be pushed into a high risk category if insured on their own. Besides, in order to get local insurance, most insurers will require your student to establish residency in that state where they’ll have to maintain the car’s registration and pay property taxes. You can keep premium payments current, something busy college students often forget!

Get The School’s Parking Sticker — Most colleges require that students who have cars on campus get an annual parking sticker. Fees vary for this privilege but encourage your son or daughter to buy the sticker and to park near classes. If your child commutes to school and parks off campus, they risk damage to their car and their personal safety could be jeopardized. The safe choice is to park close in.

Give Her A Gas Card — A gas card or other charge card can come in handy for your child when away from school. Stick with a national brand’s affinity card to help her gain points every time that she fills up, which can be redeemed later on for cash back, prizes, repairs and maintenance, etc. Discourage the carrying of cash — with fill ups costing well above $50 these days you don’t want to make her a prime target for thieves.

Establish A Maintenance Schedule — Older cars need to have their oil changed more frequently and engines tuned, but not so with most late model vehicles. Planning regular maintenance when your child is home for winter and summer breaks will keep the car running great, but give a AAA or similar road service card to cover potential breakdowns. In between, encourage your child to visit Jiffy Lube or similar maintenance center once midterm exams are completed to give the car a quick check up and oil change.

If possible, you’ll want your child’s car to carry them all the way through college and help them start their new career. With student loans, apartment rent, and other expenses to consider, adding a car payment on top of that becomes burdensome, so remind your child that regular maintenance will extend their car’s life and give them dependable transportation for many years.

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