You Can Become A Pet Grooming Professional!


Lots of people are moving out in a new direction ever since being downsized from their jobs over the past few months.  As we’ve been sharing here since Tuesday, trade schools are allowing career changers to make the transition to a new job quicker, sometimes in as little as two or three months.

Beyond Veterinary Care

wet puppyOne field which continues to grow is one which has mostly anything to do with pet care. No, I’m not talking about veterinarians and their assistants, rather the people who keep your furry friends looking good: pet groomers.

Pet grooming professionals have been experiencing a boom in their business as pet owners want to make their pets look and feel good. Some take their dogs to a groomer for show purposes while others simply want a professional to give their dog (or cat) a special look.

Lots of Schools to Choose From

There are schools all across the nation which provide training for the pet grooming professional. Like their professional counterparts who work with humans, pet groomers have a curriculum to follow and a certain amount of hours of classroom time needed in order to receive certification. Though not every state requires licensing, the industry is fairly well self-regulated, meaning it helps to have taken courses through a reputable school.

Some pet groomers specialize in bathing and drying pets, but the committed professionals learn all of the different clips including giving a toy poodle a continental clip or how to groom a soft coated Wheaton Terrier among other breeds.  As you might imagine, how a pet looks to its owner is just as important to them as how your child looks to you. In some cases, pets are treated just like their children!

Asking Around Is A Good Start

Because the field has different requirements for different states, you would do well to ask pet groomers in your area how they got started. Stores like Petco and Petsmart often employ their own groomers while many private shops are sprung up all around the nation. Also, ask your veterinarian about education options; some practices include in-house groomers too.

Finally, you will need to have a passion for animals, something no school or training program can give you. If you’re really good at working with pets and have a flair for design, then you may find yourself opening up your own business one day or heading up a local franchise outlet.

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