You Can Improve Your College Class Grades


Getting passing grades at college doesn’t take much effort, but getting outstanding grades usually means you spent a considerable amount of time working on your studies. The difference between a “B” and a “C+” grade may not seem all that much, but it can raise your grade point average, an important number used to determine whether you receive university honors and are considered for that coveted job post graduation.

open bookRaising your grades takes work, but it isn’t rocket science. The following tips when followed can take you up a notch or two:

1. Attend Class. Skipping class means that you’re missing something, information and interaction which can be useful for writing papers, preparing for quizzes or taking tests. Some professors will penalize students who have an unexcused absence, perhaps making a difference when a borderline grade is being considered.

2. Take Notes. You not only should take notes, but you should also review your notes. Is there a right way for you to take notes? Yes…in the way you best understand and recall what the professor said. If note-taking isn’t your specialty and your professor allows recorded devices, tape his lectures instead.

3. Class Load. You may want to rush through college, but if your class load each semester is too much to handle, consider carrying just enough classes to still go full-time. Make up what is needed between sessions or over the summer, allowing you to concentrate on a few classes instead of five or six.

4. Professor Reviews. On-line reviews of professors and courses make it easier for students to know what they can expect if they sign up for a particular class. If a particularly stringent instructor is scheduled for a class you know will be difficult for you, consider finding a different class with a professor who isn’t likely to hammer your GPA.

5. Major Selection. You may have your eye on a particular major but soon discover you aren’t cut out for the work. You love business and had your heart on being an accountant, but your grades don’t support your career training choice. Explore other business majors such as Business Management, Information Technology or Hospitality Management. You may discover your business talents are better used elsewhere, getting the good grades to prove your career choice.

6. Team Building. Even if your classes aren’t set up to for networking and team building, consider studying with your classmates. Compare notes and discuss the course material; you’ll be helping each other to fill in the gaps, raising your level of understanding accordingly.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow had it right when he said this about studying, “A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books.”

Surround yourself with smart people and your grade point average will begin to climb.

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