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Why Every College Student Needs the Wikipedia Offline App

In case you are not aware, Wikipedia has an app that works offline. This is the major advantage it has over other research platforms.

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Useful Free Online Tools for Students

Tweet This post will look at some free online tools that every student should know about. It looks at resources that the student can rely on for research, and also

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The 10 Best iPhone Apps for the College Campus

Tweet By Anna Miller There’s no doubt that the first prize for the largest number of apps being developed goes to the iPhone – this brilliant gadget from Apple has

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Irish Hoax Exposes Wikipedia Problem

Tweet You’re toward the end of finalizing research for your senior seminar paper and are finding it difficult to get the required number of sources to back up your work.


Wikipedia: Hot Or Not?

Tweet Your professor has just announced that term papers will be due precisely one week before the semester ends. Well before that time she is expecting her students to submit