5 Reasons Why Learning Algebra is a Must

5 Reasons Why Learning Algebra is a Must
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    One of the academic challenges you might have during your secondary school years is the obligatory algebra subject.

    If you’re a mathematically inclined student, then this should not be a problem.


However, most students dread the subject, and some adults saying algebra is not important in life doesn’t help either. The good news is, you won’t waste your time learning algebra. And the better news is, if you take it seriously, then you can solve life’s daily obstacles without even realising it.

This article will list some of the reasons why algebra is not another lesson you should just memorise to get by. Learning linear equations, Markov chains, and algebraic expressions is a must, and here are the reasons why:

Algebra is essentially useful

If you’re an adult, chances are you are now making some tough decisions on your career and financial matters. When making choices, you usually weigh up the pros and cons of each option, and the narrative method is seemingly the most practical approach.

However, the most effective way to tackle this is by using a 2-variable equation until both sides are equal.

This approach is ideal for adult life situations where you have to choose, such as mobile phone plans, insurance policies, car financing, home budgeting, and other similar circumstances.

It is just advanced maths

There are no shortcuts in learning about life, and you only become wiser and stronger after every hardship you experience. The same goes for algebra. Once you have learned basic mathematics, it becomes easy as you progress.

Now, linear equations are just a higher level of the subject, and more effective when solving more complex problems. Life is like that as well; the tougher the problem, the higher the level of solution which should be used.

It develops your critical thinking

Complex problems sometimes require only a straightforward approach. However, for you to see beyond the intricacy of the problem, you will need logic and critical thinking. Equations such as Markov chains deal with probability and sequences, and learning this can benefit your critical thinking skills.

You might need algebra in your chosen career

Algebra is not limited to professions such as engineering, architecture, accounting, and science. Chances are, careers in other fields also use linear equations, probability, and statistics in their daily operations.

Having extensive knowledge of algebra can also give you more job opportunities. Changing careers is a possibility; you may not know what algebra can do for you in your next job.

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Money is hard to come by, and sometimes one job may not be enough to address all your monthly obligations. Algebra can help you sort out the problem by helping you devise a financial plan. Having such can help you overcome your budget deficit.

Learning algebra is a must for almost every aspect of your life. The key is to get rid of the notion that you no longer have a use for it once you graduate from school. Algebra, and all complex equations derived from it can be learned with enough time and effort.

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