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European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Simplified

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal is an eye opener for everyone; and has directed the world’s attention to the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, a lot of young managers of small startups still don’t know how to be compliant.

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7 Facebook Mistakes College Students Make

How NOT to mess up your social media presence. Facebook now has 1 billion global users and is a behemoth that has transitioned to public ownership.

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6 Inspiring Student Stories

There are varying portrayals of university students: some see lazy layabouts with too much time and money on their hands, others know that it is a difficult time in which scholars need to juggle work commitments with studying and some struggle to find any direction while they are at university.

Study Tips

Motivational-Based Goals for College Students

You are well into the semester and one look at your current progress shows you have much work to do. By staying the course, you hope to reach certain goals that you have in mind.

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Job Hunting With Social Media

Is it possible to find a job using social media? Yes, absolutely. And when you use social media in its broadest definition to encompass message boards, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, Twitter, and other sites, your chances of finding work may be better than the person who isn’t particularly Internet savvy.

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Teens Continue to Abandon Facebook

Teenagers are the world’s future and that is why Facebook with more than 1 billion global users is very concerned. While much of the rest of the world is liking and sharing Facebook posts and pages, teen usage has been falling.

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15 Career Tips for College Students

Tweet Some of the tools you acquire during your college years can serve you well later on, but only if you understand how best to take advantage of them. The

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5 Hobbies for College Students

Tweet Certainly, you can grab the Wii or xBox to create a diversion, or put on a pair of running shoes and hit the track. There is another way for

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How to Announce Your College Graduation

Tweet Tell the world about your accomplishment! Announcements have changed, but not the desire for people to let it be known that they’ve finished their studies and have secured a

Education Tips

7 Essentials of the College Application Process

Tweet You can increase your chances of college acceptance. Colleges and universities are receiving record numbers of applications, making it very likely that one or more of your favorites will

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How to Get the Most Out of Twitter

Tweet You can become a Twitter pro. Twitter is the ultimate short messaging service, a 140-character method of connecting with the world. Done right, Twitter can help you make contacts,

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5 Steps to Protect Your Social Profiles From Identity Theft

Tweet By John Phillips But, not all of our friends are psychologists who are sworn to secrecy about those intimate details of our lives.  Most people don’t even know who