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Space Technology Grads & NASA Fellowship Opportunities

Tweet NASA, America’s space agency, is in search of grad students who are interested in performing space technology research beginning in Fall 2011. NASA is offering Space Technology Research Fellowships

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27 Ways to Save Money at College

Tweet College is expensive! Tuition, room and board, fees, books and more can set you back big time. But, those expenses are largely uncontrollable — at least once you see

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Bowl Season Heads Into Overdrive

Tweet Have you had enough of the bowl season yet? As of this writing, we’re at the half-way point of the post-season with more than a dozen games to go.

Campus News

College Classes For Night Owls!

Tweet College students who dread the thought of waking up early in the morning may want to consider attending those schools offering late night classes. We took a look at

College Budgeting

4 Smart Resolutions For College Bound Students

Tweet Are you planning to attend college next fall? If so, congratulations! You have just six months of mandatory schooling left before you’re off to pursue your life’s passion. Your

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

Holiday Hoops? Relatively Quiet.

Tweet The NBA and NFL will be playing games on Christmas Day, but when it comes college basketball, the games will be scarce after tonight. That means no games on

Career Planning

Maryland Educator Says 2011 Will Be Good For Entrepreneurs

Tweet If you’re a college student graduating in 2011, one option for you when it comes to work is to start your own business. In recent years the prospect of

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Bowl Season, Week Two

Tweet Last week we looked at the first full week of bowl games, those match ups being played through Christmas Eve. No games will be played on Christmas Day, a

Career Planning

Career Choice: Electric Vehicle Engineer

Tweet For the class of 2011, job prospects as an engineer may seem grim. Automobile Engineering If you are an engineering student – take heart. Especially if automobile engineering is

Campus News

Tax Cut Deal Benefits College Students

Tweet Congress has acted and the president has signed legislation extending tax cuts dating back to the Bush presidency. Tucked in with that bill is the American Opportunity Tax Credit,

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

College Basketball News & Notes

Tweet The college basketball season is in full swing, with the first month of play around behind us. Traditionally, we’ve waited until the first of the year to follow the

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

First College Football Bowl Games This Weekend

Tweet Army and Navy closed the regular season this past Saturday, with the post season officially kicking off this Saturday as three games are on the schedule. Four more games