How to Make Money Online While Attending College

How to Make Money Online While Attending College
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    Skip the sweaty pizza job, promise never to work at a concession stand and certainly never agree to tutor recalcitrant freshmen.

    Life is too short and too important to be tied down at a job you hate -- that comes later when you’re married and have a family to support!


Seriously, any type of work can be beneficial especially if it helps to build your character and puts some much needed cash in your wallet. There is a lot to be learned from interacting with customers face to face, disciplining yourself to show up at work on time and completing your shift and interacting with your associates.

These days, students have many more options available to them if they need flexibility and value their independence. Yes, making money online can provide a legitimate way for bringing in some income, as the Internet has opened up a world of possibilities including the following opportunities:

Writer — If you are an accomplished writer with experience writing for your school’s newspaper, magazine or other periodical, you can get paid to write by the article, Bright Hub, Demand Media Studios and Associated Content are among the websites where you can make some money writing articles several hours each week.

Gigs — Similar to writing, you can sell your skills through websites and get paid for providing a service. A great place to start is, where you perform some service for $5, keeping $4 after the company takes their fee. The money sounds poor, but the gigs can be as simple as taking a photo of yourself holding up a sign advertising a company.

Ebay — Yes, eBay, the online auction site. Instead of selling your own stuff, why not advertise to the community that you will sell their stuff? Provide brokerage services and mark up what you sell to make money off of each item. Take under consideration your time, shipping and Internet connection costs, if any.

Assistant — A virtual assistant opportunity may be right up your alley, especially if you are social media savvy and can help a company increase visits to its fan page, send up some tweets or blog about the company’s products. Consider approaching local businesses, explaining what you have in mind to help them attract and retain new business.

Of course, if you’re a bit more adventurous you can offer translation services online, teach a course or tutor. The possibilities are endless and the opportunities are whatever you decide to make of them.


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