5 Tips On How To Manage Your Rent And Studies As a College Student

5 Tips On How To Manage Your Rent And Studies As a College Student
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    As a college student being late to class can affect your grades, especially when you have a review or exam.

    Living in an apartment/dorm that is near their campus is what most college students look forward to.


It also because of freedom and some other great perks that they can benefit from.However, renting an apartment or dorm isn’t as easy as you expect because most apartments are expensive. You may need more savings to start moving outside the dorms.

So here are five tips for managing your rent and your studies as a college student:

1. Run Away From Those Expensive Dorms/Apartments

A beautiful apartment/dorm that you found is tempting, especially when it has a pool, gym, and more. But, do you really need complete benefits for your lifestyle? The answer is no.

Renting an apartment is a huge expense, especially when you get a luxury place that has full amenities. So, your priority should be rent an apartment/dorm that you can actually afford with at least a 2 to 3 months lease.

In general, you’re not allowed to spend more than 30 percent of your monthly income on your rent. Especially when you’re a student, and you’re only working a part-time job or just relying on credit loans.

You should target the most affordable place, within reason. Also, see if your environment is safe.

2. Avoid Credit Card Dangers

One of the most important tips for college students to remember is to avoid using your credit card when it’s not necessary.

Credit cards can be very dangerous to use, especially when you’re trying to make a budget by relying on them.

Take note, when you’re going shopping, make a list of your groceries and stick to your budget.

3. Take Advantage Of Any Discounts

Whether you’re going to a movie or grocery shopping, always ask if there’s a student discount. You might try to go shopping when they have a huge discount, especially in a mall or movie theater.

Also, there are usually free activities that you can participate in on-campus. Take advantage of those free snacks while at a club meeting. Because that money you save will be a great help of paying your rent.

4. Don’t Buy Expensive Textbooks

As a college student, buying an expensive textbook is not always necessary. Whether you like it or not, you need to save money as often as you can. So, when you buy textbooks, you should buy the cheaper ones, instead of purchasing those costly textbooks in a store.

If you want to rent textbooks, then you have many options, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Campus Book Rental, these are the stores where you can get discounted rates.

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5. Start Saving While You’re Still Young

When you’re still in college, and you have a lot of fees and expenses such as foods, rent, tuition, and textbooks, it seems like it’s hard to make an effort saving money.

However, knowing how to budget and save money is a great help in the long run. Set up your saving account and put at least 1 to 5 dollars in it, that way no matter what will happen, you can help yourself.

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