6 Simple Ways to Save on Gas


College students have a limited amount of funds to work with as it is which makes the recent run up in gas prices especially painful for them. That $25 fill up now costs $40 or more, money that has to come from a limited pool of funds.

There are ways for you to save money on fill ups or at least to extend the intervals between visits to your favorite fueling station. Let’s take a look at six ways you can save on gas and preserve your cash:

1. Lower Gears — Around town, you can’t shift into overdrive or to the lowest gear, but once you hit the open road then make it so. Those EPA fuel economy estimates for your car are based in part on highway driving — is your Ford Focus getting the 35 mpg highway the government says that it should?

2. Smart Driving — The Indy 500 features some of the fastest cars on track, but why is it that many of its fans attempt to drive fast themselves? Avoid jackrabbit starts, brake carefully and keep your highway speeds at 65 mph or lower to reduce your fuel consumption advises Peter Valdes-Dapena writing for CNN Money.

3. Tune Your Car — Under inflated tires cause your car to run less efficiently as does a clogged air filter, bad spark plugs and dirty engine oil. A clean running car is a fuel efficient vehicle; remove the unneeded roof rack which contributes to wind drag notes the Duke University Sustainability department.

4. Gasoline Grades — Most cars run on regular gasoline just find. If your owner’s manual indicates regular gasoline is recommended, then use it. If premium fuel is required, then you’ll need to step up a grade. The price differential between regular and mid-grade is about 10 cents; add an additional dime to that total if you choose premium fuel.

5. Remove Your ‘Stuff’ — You’ve been using the trunk of your car as a storage compartment for too long. Books, luggage, sporting gear and camping equipment adds weight to your car, forcing your vehicle to consume more fuel. For every 100 pounds of “stuff” your gas mileage can drop by 2 percent states the EPA.

6. Car Pool! — If you’re living away from home while attending college, those trips back to the family estate can prove costly. If your trip is several hours away, why not connect with other students who live in your area to arrange some car sharing? Carpooling makes sense — you can split the cost of gas and tolls, saving everyone money.

Higher gas prices are a reality and we may soon be paying $5 per gallon. That’s a lot of dough, something most college students would rather use on academic and leisure pursuits.


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