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Creative Careers for Creative People

Tweet Students who have a gift of creativity may find themselves not fitting in with their classmates. That can pose a problem on the grade school level as “conformity” is

Finance Student Loans

Understanding the True Costs of Financing

Tweet College aid programs, including scholarships and federal Stafford loans may not cover the full  portion of your college costs. Therefore, many students are turning to private student loans to

Campus News

College Acceptance Waiting is Over. Or Not.

Tweet March 31st is the traditional date when colleges and universities notify students whether they’ve been accepted or not. Some students have already benefited from early or rolling admissions and

Career Planning

Summer Jobs for College Students

Tweet Finding Work Finding work is important for many students who can use the income to pay for college and personal expenses. Work can also be useful to demonstrate experience.

Campus News

2011 College Commencement Speakers, Part I

Tweet We’re in the home stretch of the spring semester with most schools having finished up with midterms in March. The University of Michigan has one of the earliest graduation

Personal Advice

4 Safety Tips for Roadside Emergencies

Tweet With the semester about to end, your student will soon be journeying home for extended break away from school. Whether your adult child commutes to school or must drive

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

UConn Puts on a Clinic in Persistence

Tweet I must admit: I didn’t envision the UConn Huskies winning the NCAA Men’s Division 1 basketball tournament this year. Or, at least I didn’t see it happening following its

Campus News

Utah Exhibition Honors Holocaust Hero

Tweet The name Aristides de Sousa Mendes may not ring a bell, but for people who have studied the history of World War II and have a keen understanding of

Study Tips

15 Tips For Writing Your College Term Paper

Tweet It is April and you haven’t started your term paper yet. Shame on you! Seriously, procrastination is an art form and it can be fun to watch panicked students

Campus News

Yale University to Launch New College in Singapore

Tweet Yale University and the National University of Singapore are planning to launch a jointly operated liberal arts college in Singapore, the southeastern island city-nation located at the tip of