Benefits of a Degree in Diplomacy

Benefits of a Degree in Diplomacy
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    In our increasingly globalized world, international relations are more and more important.

    Diplomacy skills are essential to those wishing to enter the arena of global politics.


However, it is also becoming increasingly important that those in the business world, even those focused solely on domestic markets, dominate this important skill.

What is Diplomacy?

Diplomacy is the ability to lead negotiations and discussions regarding what may be sensitive or emotionally charged topics without ill will developing among the involved parties. While this particular type of tact may seem relatively simple, the skills required to lead negotiations successfully between parties with diametrically opposed interests require proper training and practice. Being able to express opinions without causing offense is important in any setting, particularly in an international setting where the norms one person takes for granted may differ considerably from what another person sees as acceptable.

Those working in international relations are well aware of the need for effective communication between representatives of different nations. Moreover, those interested in doing business can also benefit from a master’s degree in diplomacy because this skill involves identifying the main argument in one’s statements and making it clear that those concerns are of importance before submitting an argument that may favor the opposite approach.

Benefits of a Diplomacy Degree

  • Essential Job Skills
    Diplomacy degrees are of immediate use to those interested in international relations, preparing the degree holder for a number of situations they may encounter throughout their career. A diplomacy degree is also important for nearly any other job requiring strong problem solving and communication skills.
  • Strong Base for Future Studies
    Diplomacy degrees are quite versatile, allowing a student to pursue a degree in law, politics, journalism, or business.
  • Multiple Career Options
    Considering the versatility of a diplomacy degree, those graduating in this field are well prepared to work in a number of positions, or to make midcareer changes with ease.
  • Opportunity for Travel
    Of course, a degree in diplomacy is most attractive for those with plans to travel abroad. Considering the emphasis on international relations, degrees in diplomacy prepare graduates to live and work anywhere in the world. Moreover, the contacts made during school years serve students throughout their lifetimes.
  • Financial Security
    A degree in diplomacy allows graduates to market their skills, including foreign language skills and international relations expertise. Many governmental agencies and private companies are looking to contract employees with these highly marketable skills, and the compensation for work abroad can be quite competitive.

How a Diplomacy Degree Can Help a Student with International Career Plans

Those interested in international careers can best prepare for their future by earning a degree in diplomacy. In particular, a diplomacy degree prepares the graduate to understand both spoken language and more subtle cues like body language, voice tone, and eye contact. Those with a degree in diplomacy may pursue a number of international career paths, including positions in:

  • Foreign Service
    For those interested in working at embassies abroad or at the Foreign Service offices in Washington, D.C., a degree in diplomacy is a must.
  • Government Agencies
    Government agencies, like the State Department and the Agency for International Development, actively recruit those with degrees in diplomacy.
  • The United Nations
    Based in New York City, the U.N. is an international committee composed of representatives with strong diplomacy skills.
  • The Private Sector
    A number of positions are available for diplomacy graduates both in Washington, D.C., and abroad at corporations like Coca-Cola, and Exxon.
  • University Settings
    Diplomacy degrees are particularly attractive for university professors and research associates.
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