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Online Education

5 Ways Online Degrees Are Financially More Feasible

Attend class in your pajamas. Take a quiz any time of day. Learn at your own pace. These are just a few of the commonly touted benefits of an online education.

College Living

How Boarding School Better Prepares You for College

Did you know that 87% of students who attend boarding school say they feel prepared for college?


Hot Toys From the Early 2000’s

Some toy crazes from the early 2000s flashed hot and faded away. Others morphed into even cooler versions of themselves and are still popular today.

Student Loans

How to Avoid Student Loan Default

If you default on your student loans, you will put your credit rating in jeopardy. At least one in 10 college graduates and former students have defaulted on their loans, money that still must be repaid with few exceptions.


The Top Five Reasons Why Teachers Are A Critical Factor For Schools And Student Success

School is not just designed to educate students, it is also an environment that motivates students to become skilled and knowledgeable adults who are set up for future success.

Campus News

The Discount Rate for Private Colleges and Universities Continues to Rise

Student discounts are on the rise. It is a given that the published or sticker price for many colleges and universities is seldom reached.

Collegiate Sports

Big Ten Conference Now Numbers 14

Since 1990, the Big Ten Conference has been composed of more than 10 members.

Advanced Education

How Best to Get Your Executive MBA

Having an MBA can set you up on the fast track to success in the business world. Though the coursework can be grueling, once you finish your post-graduate degree, you’ll be able to enter the company of world-class executives at some of the top corporations.

Fun News

Energy Use and Higher Education

Colleges and universities across the United States are significant consumers of energy. Dorms and classrooms are heated and cooled, lighting is provided throughout the campus and security systems depend on power.

Advanced Education

Education Matters: The Top 7 High-Demand Jobs That Require A Degree

Regardless of economic conditions, some jobs are always in high demand. To be eligible for such jobs, however, it’s necessary to have the right qualifications.