Common Cold Remedies: Clearing Up the Misconceptions

Common Cold Remedies: Clearing Up the Misconceptions


Many of the remedies that are available have been out there for an exceptionally long time, but the longevity of a remedy does not necessarily result in an effective treatment option. The next time you find yourself enduring the issues associated with the common cold, make sure you are equipped with the knowledge relating to which remedies work and which remedies do not.

These Remedies Actually Work

When it comes to the common cold, you can expect to be dealing with its effects for as long as two weeks. During this time, there are several remedies that you can use in order to feel better, including the following:

  • Drinking plenty of water:
    Water, along with other fluids such as juice or lemon water with honey, can help you avoid dehydration and to loosen the congestion that you may be experiencing. You should also avoid beverages that worsen dehydration, like coffee, alcohol or soda.
  • Gargling with salt water:
    A saltwater solution can be very helpful in relieving a sore throat. Simply add ¼ to ½ teaspoon of salt to eight ounces of water to create the solution.
  • Using saline nasal drops or sprays:
    These nasal drops and sprays can relieve congestion and stuffiness, and it has the added benefit of avoiding the rebound effect, which is when symptoms worsen after a medication is discontinued.
  • Eating chicken soup:
    This old home remedy is beneficial in several ways, as it functions as an anti-inflammatory and accelerates the movement of mucous.
  • Trying cold and cough medications:
    While over-the-counter products do offer symptom relief, there are side effects that you may have to deal with and these medications do not prevent or shorten the duration of the common cold.
  • Utilizing antihistamines:
    Similar to cold and cough medications, antihistamines do provide some relief of symptoms, but conflicting results and side effects lead to questions over effectiveness.
  • Employing humidity:
    Cold conditions help viruses thrive, which is why you are more likely to deal with a cold during the winter months. Using a humidifier can be very helpful, but you have to make sure that you properly maintain the humidifier to avoid mold and mildew buildup.

With the winter coming up these are some beneficial remedies to keep in mind in order to stay off the cold-bandwagon, that unfortunately many will unwillingly be put on. For those of you currently dealing with a cold from the summer months, take a look at these helpful summer cold remedies to follow in those warmer climate states.


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