4 Steps to Getting a College Football Scholarship

4 Steps to Getting a College Football Scholarship
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    The cost of college education has really gone up in the last few years, and your parents must be losing sleep over the prospect of paying around $30,000 + semester for a non-state school.

    Even if you get selected for a state school, the fees will not be less than $15,000.


Tuition, books, boarding charges and food bills add up really quickly. And unless you grew up in Malibu, paying $15,000 – $30,000 is a huge task for anyone.

The solution, of course, is to get a college football scholarship. But this is easier said than done.

Many feel that it is totally out of reach as they believe that you need to have a 4.0 and be an All-American to qualify for the football scholarship. On the contrary, getting a football scholarship is a very realistic goal.

Here are the 4 steps to getting a college football scholarship.

1) Get Good Grades

It is true that you really need to study real hard in order to get good grades. One should not waste the freshman and sophomore years by giving half-efforts in the classroom. The higher you get your grades, the higher are your chances of bagging a college football scholarship.

Do whatever is needed to get good grades. You must get a tutor or use the study hall to your advantage and always ask for extra help from the teacher whenever needed.

2) Finish plays on the field

There is not a single college scout in the world who will give much importance to whether you ran for 1200 yards or 2,000 yards. They have no idea who your competition is. They only look for things that you don’t think matters.

You need to ask yourself:

– Do you finish blocks?

– If you fall down, do you get up and again start playing?

– Do you block to the whistle?

– Do you fall forward every time you run the ball?

– Do you pick up blitzes?

Simply said, you never know who is watching you; so never stop playing hard if you are really serious about the college football scholarship.

3) Do not miss strength workouts

Do you have a habit of missing workouts? Well, your coaches will have information about this and they will surely share this information with the recruiters.

You must remember that every year thousands of guys take a shot at football scholarship. If you have the slightest bit of potential and show that you are willing to work hard by regularly attending the workouts, then the college recruiters will definitely pay attention. After all, they love potential.

4) Get yourself noticed

This is probably a bit hard to explain. Actually you must figure out ways to get noticed. It could be making a block or outworking everyone in the weight room. The worst thing you can do is to be invisible.

You may also do things that have nothing to do with football. Colleges love to see the students involved in extra-curricular activities. You can join the drama team, sign up for the foreign language club or get involved in student government. The more community based and school based programs you get involved in, the higher are your chances of getting the coveted college football scholarship.


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