Importance of Regular Health Checkups for College Students

Importance of Regular Health Checkups for College Students
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    There is nothing more important than your own health, however at certain points in their lives, people are so preoccupied by so many things that they tend to forget this simple truth.


It is not easy being a student with all the studying, all the parties and all those concerns about your future. Every single one of these things can be terrifying even alone, yet when combined what you get is a huge distraction. When this happens it can easy occur that one forgets or refuses to go on a regular health checkup and that is a slipup that simply cannot and should not be tolerated.

Everyone is endangered

The main thing that can cause this lack of awareness in students is a fact that because of their youth, they are not as concerned for their general health as they should be. Risk of some illnesses and diseases is dependent of age but is not exclusive to it. Now, we’re not saying that one should become paranoid about each and every cough that they or anyone in their surrounding makes but the ugly truth is that nobody is safe. Although with age, the risks of many diseases increase it is still a fact that even in youth risk exists.

High blood pressure

Being in college or university is by some believed to be the best time of most people’s lives however it is also a time where your future can be decides in an instant so it can at times be extremely stressful. High level of stress, overexposure to alcohol and caffeine as well as constant lack of sleep can cause a serious blood pressure problems. High blood pressure can in turn cause an array of heart conditions as well as be one of the major causes of stroke. It is a danger you are never too young for and a reason to go on a regular health checkup.


The aforementioned stress can also cause excessive eating disorders which when combined with the quality of student food (usually some sort of fast food) often causes obesity, sometimes even cholesterol. This can be a problem on its own but when you add to the mix the fact that it can occasionally even cause type 2 diabetes and various heart diseases, things get even more serious. Do not let this happen to you, check your cholesterol and glucose as soon as possible. Exercising regularly and trying to eat at least bit healthier would definitely be a vast improvement.

Checking your eyes

Constant reading, or at least screen staring is known to worsen one’s sight. This if unchecked makes one go through more and more effort and difficulties in reading which can further make situation even worse. Still, this student-lifestyle related illness is neither most common nor most serious one that can occur. You are never too young for glaucoma – one of the leading causes of blindness in the world and when risk is that great, there should be no room left to chance.

Gynecologist exam and papa test

Now regardless of how much we tried to achieve total gender equality from a social standpoing, the ugly truth is that there are some fields where women’s health is far more endangered. Although here again risks increase with the age, you are never completely safe. Book a gynecologist exam at least twice a year, just to make sure. Also an additional papa test every once in a while is never a bad idea. On the plus side, there are some simple breast checkups that you can conduct on your own, just remember them from time to time.

Your health always come first. Although at times it seems that there are more pressing things that require your attention at the moment, the truth is you simply have no right to neglect your own wellbeing. Try to lead at least a bit healthier lifestyle, conduct a regular health checkups and if anything seems off, anything at all, do not be afraid to contact your doctor. By following just these few simple rules, you will ensure that your safety is considerably improved both short and long term.


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