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Student Health

5 Tips For Maintaining Your Mental Health in College

College is a good platform for learning and self-discovery. At times the pressure becomes too much for young adults, resulting in mental problems.

Student Health

5 Tips to Keep A Healthy Lifestyle in College

Many college students choose to eat unhealthy foods like, sugar, fast food or even junk food. The reason why they’re eating unhealthy food is because they don’t have time to cook for themselves, or it’s because they’re too tired to wake up early in the morning to prepare their foods.

Student Health

How Yoga Helps You be a Better College Student

No matter how you look at it, one problem virtually all students encounter is stress. The series of lectures coupled with some assignments and tests makes their day quite hectic.

Student Health

How Self Care can Improve Your Grades (Part 2/2)

Tweet continued from Part1: How Self Care Can Improve Your Grades Take Your Vitamins Research shows that vitamin D receptors in the brain may also function as precursors to “happy

Student Health

How Self Care can Improve Your Grades (Part 1/2)

Tweet Between the advanced classes, extracurricular activities, teaching positions and volunteer work necessary to compete in today’s job market, college students just don’t have the time they need. Time to

Student Health

Why we Shouldn’t Overlook our Mental Health in College

Tweet Mental illness is very common among students all over the world today. Most of the mental health issues occur before the age of 23. That’s why college life is

Student Health

Student Health: 3 Reasons Not to Settle for Eating Only Ramen

Tweet Before you go too ramen crazy, you should know that there are some real health reasons to add some variety to your diet. Below are three reasons not to

Student Health

How to Avoid Becoming Depressed During Your First Year of College

Tweet There are challenging college classes to look forward to, as well as campus living, parties, new friendships and relationships on the horizon. Unfortunately, freshman college students can feel depressed

Student Health

Common Illnesses to Watch out for in College

Tweet However, staying healthy should also be on your priority list, since simply attending college and residing in shared accommodation can present new health challenges you did not have to

Student Health

How to Deal With a Diagnosis of Epilepsy in College

Tweet However, there are various things that you can do in order to lessen the impact that epilepsy has on your education and keep it under control as you study


Mandated Health Care Coverage Options for Every Student

Tweet With the increase in medical care cost, students are a great financial risk should a medical emergency arise. The college student could end up high in debt prior to

Personal Advice

Importance of Regular Health Checkups for College Students

Tweet There is nothing more important than your own health, however at certain points in their lives, people are so preoccupied by so many things that they tend to forget