Life Advice for College Football Players

Life Advice for College Football Players


Balance is possibly the most important characteristic of anyone who is going to play college ball. That lean back just before the offload of that perfect spiraling pass – or the brace for the hit or pivot onto the foot that launches you on that run to glory and the adoration of the fans.

But there’s another sort of balance that is just as important, the balance that many people only find many years after the final curtain has closed on their college days. Long after the last keg has been drained and the reality of the college debt has been accepted most college students will begin to realize that life is a bit of a balancing act. So without access to that ever ready keg, here are pointers that will make college life simpler and pay dividends long after you’ve got that diploma – and they’re all about balance.

Number 1: Keep it simple stupid.

This is the payoff line of many a life guidance book that is now gathering dust in used book stores across the country. But the strange thing is that this advice from the 80’s is still valid.

You’re in college to get an education – and you’re going to pay for it (a lot – for a long time). Balance out that party lifestyle with hitting the books. Long after the glory days of football are the stuff of legend your grade point average will still have huge value.

Number 2: Make some friends.

Real friends, not the sort that are part of the revolving door that is your frat house. Join some societies, join the debate team, make friends with nerds – they’re the future (actually they’re the present and if you’re one – thanks in advance for the real, working hover board that you’re working on).

Number 3: Balance means health.

If you are on the team then you’re probably eating right – if you’re not then you’re probably in fast food territory. There’s nothing wrong with the King or the Clown (or even that end of the month Ramen), but you need to keep it real. Do some exercise and eat some fruit and vegetables. Even if you can stay away from the white bread that would be good.

Number 4: Sex.

Yeah – that got your attention. Even if you have the best game in town you still need to keep your wits about you. Balance desire with class. Some simple rules (within these rules).

For the guys – use protection and know that no means no. For the ladies – stay with trusted friends and watch your drinks. When in doubt only drink from bottles that you’ve opened yourself.

Just be safe. You’re an adult – society will treat you like one, be responsible. Get tested regularly – it’s a good rule.

Number 5: Be true to yourself

You are you, and you’re going to be you for the rest of your life. Learn to realize that any mistakes you make now are yours to own for the rest of your life.

Every single one of these rules is just as applicable to your college life as it will be to the rest of your life. If you follow these you’ll be a better human being now – and in the future. And you’ll probably not spend a day in the drunk tank.

So take that snap, wind up that arm, take that shot, fake out the opposition, run for the finish line – but always remember, it’s your life – there are no do overs.

Here’s some great advice,

Take control folks, do a bit of research about some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world – and keep at the books – the rewards are beyond belief.


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