7 Fab Football Fan Tips

7 Fab Football Fan Tips
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    You’ve checked the sports schedule and see that your school’s football team is at home this weekend for an important Saturday evening contest.


Class is out, no term papers loom and you’ve got plenty of time on your hands. Better to hang out and cheer on your favorite “11” than to find yourself getting into some mischief you might regret later, right?

Well, yeah.

But, before you head out you’ll want to make sure that you and the guys are properly prepared for many hours of action packed fun including doing the following:

1. Get Tickets — Sure, 98 percent of the students who want to see a home game, get in. But, there are always the 2 percent who do not. That means you need to sign up early (and often?!) to ensure your spot in the nose bleed section behind the end zone.

2. Round Up Some Friends — Of course, you can go to the game alone. But, you know how that turns out — your team will be down 14 nuthin’ with 10 minutes left in the first quarter with a long night ahead of you. You might as well share your sorrow with people who can relate. Or who will at least allow you to use their iPod!

3. Paint Your Chest — Yes, temperatures will still be in the low 80s at game time, so expect to take off your shirt and paint your chest with one letter representing your school’s name. If you go to Iowa, then you only need three friends to help you spell out your school. Pity if you attend Northwestern, because that means finding 11 other guys to complete your word.

4. Watch Some Action — If the game is half-interesting, you’ll be paying attention to what is happening on the field instead of what is going on in the stands. Or at least you’ll be taking note of that gorgeous cheerleader’s smile. Be careful: she won’t take kindly to any ogling even if she is the prettiest “thing” you’ve ever laid eyes on.

5. Sample Some Fare — If you’re under 21, you won’t get a chance to sip some beer. Heck, some schools don’t serve up anything stronger than Coke or Pepsi. But, do try that nacho cheese platter, fried onions and refried beans, but not necessarily together and certainly not in conjunction with some soda pop.

6. Cheer On The Band — Forget the football team, they’re awful. On the other hand, the band rocks. Literally. Take your bathroom break in the 2nd or 3rd quarters, not during the half when the best performance on the field is marching with its 200 members strong.

7. Pull Down The Goal Posts — Who would have thunk it?! After falling behind early and trailing badly at the half, Good ‘Ole U puts together the comeback of a lifetime and ties the game as regulation runs out. Six overtime periods later and with the clock reading 1 a.m., your team pulls out a win. You’re tired, but so bushed that you don’t run out on the field and pull down a goal post to celebrate the unlikeliest of wins.


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