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NCAA Football

Life Advice for College Football Players

Tweet Balance is possibly the most important characteristic of anyone who is going to play college ball. That lean back just before the offload of that perfect spiraling pass –

Online Education

Online Education: Top 4 Websites For Quality Content

Online education has become a trend these days. There are innumerable websites that are offering online education for students around the world. Some do this free of charge, and some charge money for access.

College Living

College Housing: Just Like Home?

When it comes time to discuss the subject of college, few conversations get around to the subject of housing. For better or for worse, however, where a student lives during his or her college years is something that deserves a lot of serious consideration.

Personal Advice

7 Reasons Why Millennials Seem Lazy At Work

Addicted to social media, needy, narcissistic and lazy. These are the most common complaints we hear about the Millennial generation from employers and older colleagues alike.


How to Balance Your Life in College: School Work, Jobs, Personal Life

More commentary from a college friend of mine. It would be wise to follow his advice:

College Living

Campus Life: Six Tips To Enjoy Your Freshman Year Of College

You moved into your dorm room, bought yourself a package of top ramen for every week of the semester, and you already toured campus to find your classes. Now all that’s left is to start school.

College Living

3 Huge Reasons Why You Should Join a Club in College

As someone who has attended community college, I have learned a lot about career planning and clubs. Many people are led to the common misconception that sports are the only way to get yourself out there.

NCAA Football

NCAA – Sports, Scholarship and John Oliver!

It all sounds hazy when you think of the NCAA. To start with, athletes aren’t paid, but spectators spend a lot of money to watch NCAA basketball or NCAA football.

College Living

Freshman Fashion: How to Make Sure You Start School in Style

Your freshman year of college is both exciting and terrifying. Now that you are officially an adult, it is time to define who you are by way of letting loose your inner fashionista.

College Budgeting

Budgeting During College Days

College days are mostly remembered for friendship, gossip, coffee runs, last minute submissions and of course, no money. Everybody’s allowance definitely runs out even before the end of the month is in sight.

Career Planning

The Traveling Nurse Adventure

Being a nurse is such a solid career choice that those who enter into the profession are all but guaranteed to be able to find work anywhere.

College Budgeting

College Finance: Five Tips To Keep Track Of Your Money And Not Blow Your Budget

College is the time where we depend on scholarships, grants, loans and our part-time jobs to get by. But while we’re working so hard for our future career, we can forget to put away money now that we’ll need once we’re thrust into the real world, diploma in hand.