Six New Things You Will Experience As a College Freshman

Six New Things You Will Experience As a College Freshman
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    College is a brand new experience for incoming freshman, and there are a number of things they'll go through that they've never seen before.

    Decisions made by these individuals are ones that everyone has to make so there is a fountain of great information on the subject.


For example, here are just a few of the best ways for them to know what to look for.

Total Freedom

Most students attending college have never lived on their own before. It’s up to them to feed themselves, get up on time, and go to class. There won’t be parents around to push them to follow the rules. As a result, many freshman end up slacking off in their first semesters.

Weight Gain

Just accept the fact that you’ll probably gain weight. College is a stressful experience, and even though you try to eat healthy, those late night study sessions promote the cramming of extra calories down your throat to stay alert. Have a salad whenever possible to offset this gain.

Lack of Sleep

Maybe you got plenty of sleep in high school. That changes in college. All of the coursework and study sessions you have to go through will sap away any time you have to catch some shut-eye. As a freshman, you’ll come to love coffee and all of its restorative benefits.

No Money

Maybe you were broke in high school, but that was before you had to pay all of your bills. Get used to the feeling of having no spare cash; it’s part of being a college student. The day you have to pay your rent can be downright traumatic, and your diet of ramen noodles would horrify your younger self. Don’t worry, though; you’re in good hands.

You Become Well Acquainted With the Library

Many people never used the library when they were younger, but in college, it becomes the place to be. Whether you’re doing homework, researching for a paper, or just studying, the library is the unofficial second home of nearly every student.

You Either Get Good Grades or Have a Social Life

Or you get to sleep. Choose two of the three. You can’t manage all of them, at least not for any extended amount of time. Your social life will suffer if you get enough sleep, but your grades will suffer if you have a social life and sleep the right number of hours per night. If you choose to have a social life and attend the various parties around campus, make sure you are making wise decisions. There will be alcohol at these parties and freshman will have to make the choice of whether or not they decide to indulge. If caught underage, the consequences could be dire. Athens attorneys will be able to help those who find themselves in legal trouble but the choice is up to you.

These six experiences are almost universal among new college students. It’s like a masochistic rite of passage so make sure you are prepared and the time spent at college will be sure to be productive and insightful.


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