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NCAA Football

College Football – The Heisman Effort

Tweet I’m not sure how to describe the aggravation I feel about this years Heisman trophy winner. Did Derrick Henry perform, and achieve to his utmost athletic caliber? There’s no

College Living

How You Can Help A Friend Who Drinks Too Much In College

Tweet Students who drink every night of the week, who start drinking before the evening, and who drink solely to get drunk are probably drinking too much and too often.

College Living

Dorm Room Theft: Ways to Prevent It

Tweet When it comes to dorm room thievery, you have to be alert, ready and always prepared to act. But, finding ways to prevent it definitely is a better solution.

NCAA Football

The Comeback Story of WKU Football and What it Means for You

Tweet A personal commentary from another college friend of mine – Football is one of America’s favorites. Football games is an experience I share with my father. He took me

College Living

Tips for a Successful Integration to College: Guide to Making Friends

Tweet More advice from another college friend of mine: Entering college can be one of the biggest changes many of us face in our lives. What’s more, if you’re living

Personal Advice

7 Time Management Tips for Students

Tweet 1. Think About What’s Necessary There are things you’d like to do, and there are things you need to do. You’d probably like to go through your closet and

Education Tips

How to Write an Awesome College Essay – all You Need to Know

Tweet Ah… the dreaded essay. We’ve all have to write one at some point in our college careers. Some of us are masters at the art of compiling an awesome

Campus Life

Six New Things You Will Experience As a College Freshman

Tweet For example, here are just a few of the best ways for them to know what to look for. Total Freedom Most students attending college have never lived on

College Search

4 Tips to Guide Your College Search

Tweet Getting into college is still one of the most competitive hurdles that young individuals face. In America for instance, college admission rates to prestigious colleges remain very low, with

Study Tips

5 Tips On How To Study and Prepare for Exams

Tweet The time for final exams can be nerve wracking and stressful, although some amount of stress can be a positive thing. Being too tensed or nervous can be problematic,

Career Planning

From College Student To Self-Employed: 4 Skills You Already Have For Success

Tweet Why? Because the very same skills you are developing and strengthening in college are the very same set of skills required of those that are successfully self-employed. So the

Advanced Education

Reasons why You Should go Back to School After Graduation

Tweet When growing up, we have always been filled with the idea that if we study hard, we will get a good job after graduation which will sustain our lives.