5 College Study Tips to Ace Your Next Test

5 College Study Tips to Ace Your Next Test
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    When you first get to college, the amount of coursework and tests may overwhelm you.

    But, with some study tips and practice, college will be a breeze!


Here are a few tips to help you get through these next four years.

1. Don’t Cram…but maybe do…

We’ve been told time and time again NOT to cram. It’s been “proven” or whatever that if you repetitively study things over a long period of time, your performance will be better than if you cram. For me though, I felt I always did better when I crammed…a little bit. The key is to have knowledge on the subject before you trust the cramming gods to take good fortune on you. Cramming also increases stress, which is never good.

2. Studying Starts in Class

Be awake (yes, sometimes it’s difficult when your professor is insipid) and present in EVERY class. There will always be another party, but you may miss some important lecture notes. After all, you’re paying to be in these classes, might as well get your money’s worth. Taking good notes also makes studying later on much, much easier.

3. Turn Off the Phone

Yes. It’s your lifeline, but your buddy won’t be there during the test…especially if you have a professor who makes you turn in your bags and belongings before a test. It’s also a major study distraction when your focused on your Instagram pic of your venti double shot frapp getting at least 20 likes and you see (insert name here) has a new significant other. Just turn your phone off and focus on the task at hand–studying. It’ll be over before you know it!

4. Use Highlighters

There have been multiple studies done proving that using color can positively affect memory. Using highlighters to mark key terms or even separate and combine different ideas can help your brain identify topics better. There’s also lot’s of fun colors to choose from!

5. Take Breaks

Taking breaks is key! Not only for your brain and memory, but also for your sanity! Your mind loses focus and interest staring at a screen or a book all day. Try studying for 30 minutes and then take a short 10 minute break that gets your body moving. Take a lap around the library or do some stretches–anything to get your body movin’ and your blood flowin’.

Following these tips will definitely help, but the key is to find what works best for YOU. Everyone’s brain is different, and everyone learns differently. College is all about trial and error and figuring things out.

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