6 Hints for an Effective Essay

6 Hints for an Effective Essay
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    Anyone can write an essay, but not everyone can write an effective essay.

    Uniting words into sentences is one thing, it is something else to give those sentences meaning within a paragraph.


Writing an essay is not only about informing the reader about a topic, it is about persuading the reader to join your side of an argument. Effective essays do exactly that. There is always an option to order an essay, but if you are willing to take on the challenge of quality essay writing, here are six hints to help:

Read Other Essays

The best writers are avid readers. To become a better writer, it is recommended to read more. By reading other essays on the topic, you will be given an idea of how to structure the essay, what tone of voice to use and a collection of good vocabulary to inspire your own writing. You do not even have to read other essays to acquire intellectual jargon. Every essay requires research. Therefore, delve deep into the source material and study not only the topic, but sentence structure as well.

Create an Outline

Planning may seem like a tedious task, but it will help your essay in the long run. With the pages of notes you have obtained from your research, the best way to organize these ideas is to create an outline. Join ideas that relate and eliminate any that have no relevance to the topic. Keep in mind that every paragraph should have a sub-topic that correlates to the main topic.

Integrate Quotations

You are surely not the first to have an opinion on a subject. As you can tell by your stack of research, there are many professionals who have studied or are currently studying the topic you have chosen. Quoting their ideas is a great way to add value to your argument, but only if the quotation fits within the paragraph and is not sporadically placed. Make sure to reference any quotation by citing the author’s name, date, and page number in parenthesis at the end of the sentence.

Disclose a Counterargument

This may seem like a ludicrous direction to take in your essay, but it does more good than destruction. Of course, every argument has a counterargument and if you don’t reveal it, your reader will come upon it themselves. When you bring up an opposing idea, you have the opportunity to refute it by finding the obvious flaw. In this way, you re-affirm the validity of your own argument. 

Consult a Thesaurus

No one likes to read the same words sentence after sentence. Change up your vocabulary by referring to a thesaurus for the everyday, boring words we use too often. However, as much as this can help your essay, it has the potential to hurt it as well. Don’t replace a word for the sake of replacing a word. Make sure it has the same meaning and results in the same effect.

Perfect the Introduction and Conclusion

The introduction is the first paragraph your reader sees and the conclusion is the last. Even though the body is important, these two paragraphs require a bit more attention. Your introduction should grab the reader’s interest by revealing the thesis statement and your conclusion should summarize the main points and remind the reader once more of the thesis. If these two paragraphs are not well done, the entire essay may be negatively affected.

Writing an essay is not easy, especially writing an effective one. Similar to everything else in life, essay writing takes practice; the more you write, the better you’ll get. You will find your essays improve from the first term to the last. However, they do not have to be terrible to begin with and these hints will help with that.

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