What are the Advantages of E-learning vs Traditional Schooling?

What are the Advantages of E-learning vs Traditional Schooling?
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    Although many people ignore the fact that e-learning is the best, it has more advantages than the normal class learning where you go and meet a teacher or a lecturer with your classmates.


This class method is the most used among our education methods despite it being the most expensive and tiresome. Here are some of the e-learning advantages.


E-learning method is cheaper than the traditional method of learning. This is brought about by the cheap way of producing learning materials and the cheap way of reaching other learners and tutors all over the globe. Its lower than the normal learning since the amount of money needed is always small, no fare needed to go to the learning institution, learning materials are got just right on your pc or laptop etc.


Many hate learning for the fact that you must attend the lectures. In the e-learning case, this is vise versa. You can take any course anytime you need. No pressure in e-learning. Any person has his/her ability to absorb the knowledge. You are given that time to get all that you need to know before going on or taking the exams.

E-learning is faster than the traditional method.

In the traditional method of learning, the tutor has to go through all things even though there may be some students that don’t understand the material. This takes a lot of time making this method slow. In e-learning, you can skip those things that you already understand hence making e-learning faster than the other methods.

No specific time or place for learning.

This is the biggest advantage of e-learning. You can learn whatever you want to learn at any place at any time. This can save you a lot of time since you can manage your time well without any person interfering with your schedule. You can also work and learn at your own time.

Easy to manage.

This part is an advantage to the lecturers. The lecturer can easily identify a student and see their weakness. This is possible because it’s easy to see the scores of any individual student and identify areas where the student needs more attention or additional training. Course providers can also track the progress of their classes and also try to manage the fee paid by the students. If the student has not paid the fee, it is easy to close him out for some time without wasting their time.

Easy and cheap to update.

E-learning method of uploading learning materials to the internet makes it also simple to update their services. The learning sessions are just uploaded to the server and the learners on the other side just have to download their learning materials. This makes them cheaper than printing many learning materials and giving out to students as it is in the traditional method of learning.

This information can help you and any other person, may it be a student or a lecturer, to know how e-learning is the best. You can share it on facebook, tweeter or any other social media platform to distribute this information to more and more people and make education simple and interesting.

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