4 Things to Know Before Applying for an Athletic Scholarship

4 Things to Know Before Applying for an Athletic Scholarship


Even with all those academic waivers, progression discounts and other ways colleges get you to sign on with them – sometimes the only way affordable way for students to pay for their stay is through scholarships.

However, if you happen to be gifted with the ability to be decent at college sports, your opportunity to receive an athletic scholarship just might be your ‘make it or break it’ moment at qualifying for your next degree course.

Being the all-star quarterback of your team is one thing, but it is always necessary that students know what they’re signing up for before applying for an athletic scholarship. Here’s 5 essential facts to take away: –

1. It isn’t just enough to perform on the court

There is a belief among college students and their families that a students’ athletic capabilities alone will secure his future. Not only could that be further from the truth, barely scraping through your classes might mean that you wouldn’t even be looked at in some cases. These colleges and universities are responsible for paying for your lodging, food and other expenses if you’re on a scholarship – so working hard academically isn’t just an added bonus; it’s a necessity.

2. Partial scholarships make up for a lot

It’s always great to aim high, but understand that most student athletes only do get partial assistance. Colleges only issue a fraction of full-ride scholarships to select students, but that doesn’t mean that partials won’t help! Partial scholarships cover a large amount of housing fees, food and overall school supplies; so they’re definitely better than nothing.

3. Be reasonable about your division levels

If you’ve already applied for scholarships at prestigious Division I universities and are not getting much feedback, move down a level. Try for Division II instead! Having a university cover your fees is a big deal –and at the end of the day will look good regardless of which university it may be. If Division I and II don’t seem to be working out either, aim for Division III, who still have their fair share of discounts and aid if you perform well in sports.

4. You have plenty of resources to get what you want; so use them!

Chances are if you’re considering making this huge decision in your life, there’s going to be every available person telling you what to do, qualified or not.

Instead of exhausting yourself with the opinions of every one you meet, reach out to your college’s administration to inquire if they have an athletic representative to talk to. These representatives or coaches will help you narrow down your best course of action, requirements to meet and even universities that might be after what you have to offer. Drop by organizations like this and this for tips and advice on all things related to athletic scholarships.

It takes a special breed of perseverance, strength and discipline to keep up academically and with being an athlete. However, with a huge chunk of your fees taken care of by an athletic scholarship, the payout if you manage to stand your ground is definitely worth it in the end.

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