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Collegiate Sports

3 Key Reasons Why College Sports Athletes Need To Be Paid!

When President Roosevelt formed the NCAA back in 1905, he wanted to create an institution that would provide financial assistance to those student-athletes who were involved in different sports.

Collegiate Sports

What is the Importance of College Athletics to Society?

College athletics is something that joins us all together as people and as a nation. There is a unique importance to college athletics that appears to be something that is all its own.

Collegiate Sports

The Top 5 Benefits of Playing College Sports

College sports are most popular, and probably most competitive, in the United States. They run in a two tier system.

Campus Life

The Most Important Do’s and Don’ts of Your Freshman Year

Everyone by now should be settling into their fall semesters. And for freshmen, this can literally be the most overwhelming thing that you have experienced.

Collegiate Sports

4 Things to Know Before Applying for an Athletic Scholarship

There’s no denying it, paying for college is no joke.

Collegiate Sports

Here are 3 Ideas for Studying on the Pitch

Obviously, most jocks and cheerleaders would rather be occupied in the football pitch or basketball court instead of being held up in a library doing some boring reading.

NCAA Basketball

March Madness Recap – Marching away the Madness 2018

Tweet March Madness 2018, were you there? Have you been watching and rooting for your team? Today we have a recap for you on the highs and lows of March

Collegiate Sports

Does ”Student Athlete” Actually Mean What it Says?

Tweet With the latest hot subject coming from the UCLA football wizard Josh Rosen about the idea that “football and school don’t go together”, everyone now puts some serious thought

Collegiate Sports

Sports Education: A Foundation for Champions

Tweet Education has always been a necessity for each and every one. In fact, every child must be given access to education. Being educated means being scholastically armed in surviving

Collegiate Sports

4 Tips to Help You Get Into the College Sports Program

Think you have what it takes to play sports in school? You may, yet unless you’re standing out as truly newsworthy, college coaches are not going to come searching for you everywhere.

College Living Featured

What College Is, and What College Isn’t: Get the Most Out of It

When you’re in it, you don’t want it. When you’re out of it, you want to get in again. That’s college. That’s life.

Collegiate Sports

All You Need To Know About College Sports Scholarships

Going to college soon? Or are you a college student who is passionate about sports. You would do just about anything to get your hands on that sports scholarship, wouldn’t you?