Ways to Quickly Improve Language Skills

Ways to Quickly Improve Language Skills
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    Learning a new language is challenging and especially if you’ve started late in your life.

    It is also not easy improving your own language, more so if you are already using it in a formal setting.


Writing essays, drafting reports and sending emails could challenging if you cannot find the right words. You may have not focused on your language subject back then because you thought you already know how to speak it anyway, or perhaps you didn’t take your lessons on hyperbole seriously because you didn’t know when you would use it.

Now that you are in college and you need to use English in a formal setting, you will need to find a way to improve.

Listen to Quality Music

If you have time, it is okay if you play music on your phone. However, you need to select the kind of music you are listening to by finding songs that have quality lyrics that look like they were poems dedicated to another person. Avoid songs with lyrics distorting some words, or that are reliant on profanity since they will not help you progress.

Watch Plays and Performances

Stage plays are an excellent way to improve your language skills, as these usually use formal and classical English. You could listen to every word used by the performers and understand the context in which they used the words to apply what you hear to other settings in the future.

Record Yourself When Speaking

It also helps if you try to listen to yourself. You could play it over and over again so that you can spot the mistakes and also try answering some random questions about yourself, or of various social issues. You can use this skill in the class when you are discussing these issues or if you need to present a report.

Read Novels and News Stories

Instead of reading gossip stories and poorly written comics, you need to change the printed material that you read. Find novels by best-selling authors and download apps where you can get news updates – but make sure they are from reputable news organizations. You will get to acquire an entire vocabulary of new words and use them in your next essay if you actively make the effort to read these materials.

Keep a Diary

It might seem outdated, but it is an excellent idea to have a diary or a journal as it’s somewhere to express yourself. Not only are you pouring out your emotions helping you mentally, but you are also improving your writing skills in the process allowing you to look back at what you wrote in previous dates and constructively critic the quality of your writing and terminology.

other valuable tips:

Leave Sensible Comments

Making comments on social media is common these days, but the problem is that the comment section usually ends up becoming a war zone. Avoid those places since they are not going to teach you anything and instead, go to sites where there is an intellectual discussion. Leave a comment there and force yourself to write something that makes sense.

Keep practicing and improving until you find it easy to write any report or speak in front of your class. You will use these skills not only as a student but also in your future career.

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