12 Things for Your College Bucket List

12 Things for Your College Bucket List
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    College is a once in a lifetime experience, providing an important transition point from young adulthood to your career path.


Most young students will complete their education within four years, while others may spend five or even six years pursuing their degree. The time you will be spending at college will be gone before you know it. Here are 12 things you must put on your college bucket list.

1. Become a mascot for a day. Nearly every college has one: a mascot. No, I’m not talking about the real-life animal variety, rather the giant, furry costumed animal that represents your school. Oregon has its duck, what looks suspiciously like a Disney character. Brutus is Ohio State’s costumed mascot and Stanford has The Tree — what’s up with that?!. What is your school’s mascot? Who gets that role? Make a point to try out as your school’s costumed mascot even if you can only dress up as “Big Red” for one day.

2. Photo bomb and post it on social media. An important guest speaker has been invited to your campus or an awards ceremony for the championship women’s basketball team will be held. This is your opportunity to get in the picture unawares. At least until you post what you did on Instagram and Twitter. Use your imagination for the perfect photo bomb — extra points to you if you blend in and are not discovered until after your picture has been posted.

3. Take a trip around the neighborhood. Most college campuses are an oasis in the midst of a city, town or a country setting. Quite easily you could find yourself never once setting foot in the surrounding community. That’s unfortunate because you’re missing an opportunity to see how others nearby live. Take in the town, visit a soup kitchen, observe how people interact in stores, simply blend in. That means leaving your “State U” clothing behind and dressing like a local.

4. Join or start a club. Colleges have scores of clubs. Have you joined one yet? If not, why not? If the reason is that they don’t have a Chess Club, a Glee Club or some other organization, then form one. Seek college backing and get funded. Get nominated as the new club’s president or serve with distinction at an established club. Challenge yourself — you’ll meet new people and may gain friends for life.

5. Fake it until you make it. Do you know your college’s fight song? How about its alma mater? Some of the words may seem as if they’re from the 1800s and they are. Cause some controversy by updating the lyrics and teach the new words to other students. Shake up the status quo and see where that gets you! Expect to raise the ire of a select group of alumni.

6. Use your student discount with impunity. Everywhere you go businesses offer students a discount. Make a point to ask for a discount wherever you shop and for whatever services you choose. Put on your reporter’s hat and find out who offers discounts as promised and what businesses renege on them. Then write an article about your experiences and have that submitted to your student newspaper.

7. Study abroad and then some. Make a point to study abroad for at least one semester. Avoid going for summer alone — make it a part of your college experience even if it delays your graduation by a semester or a year. Immerse yourself in the country’s culture, learn the language and get to know the locals. If you have access to other countries nearby, visit those too while you are abroad.

8. Stalk a star athlete. Not every college has a Jameis Winston. If they did, the tabloids would be filled with interesting tidbits that the stars wouldn’t want to have published. Identify the best athlete on campus and stalk him or her. Find out what classes he or she attends, who he hangs out with or what dorm she stays in. Who knows? You may just may catch the student-athlete violating yet another NCAA rule.

9. Pull an allnighter. What college student hasn’t stayed up all nigh? You probably have, but maybe not for a very good reason. That class you have hopelessly considered a lost cause can still be pulled out. Drink plenty of caffeine, load up the books and your tablet, and do a study marathon the night before the test. See how eight hours of joe-induced wakefulness does for your final test. It can’t hurt — you thought that it was a lost cause.

10. Break some rules. Without planning to vandalize property, see how many rules you can break without getting caught. If you’re a guy, appear on the roof of the women’s dorm. If you are gal, hide out in the men’s locker room. Kidnap the college’s live mascot, blame it on a rival school and hold it for ransom. Return the animal unharmed after the big game. Tie “Billy the Goat” to a post on the academic VP’s porch at 2 on Sunday morning. Take pictures as you go along and secretly send these to your school’s newspaper.

11. Form a protest. These days, everyone is protesting about something. Where in the 1960s it was about the Vietnam War, today’s students have a number of reasons to raise clenched fists. Only make your protest about something absolutely inane. For example, you might stand with your classmates outside of the college cafeteria with signs advocating caloric disclosure on menus. Bring with you a bullhorn to add drama and to increase annoyance. Learn how many people simply play the follower and will stand with you.

12. Thank your professors. Make a point before you leave college for the final time to visit each and every one of your professors. Thank him or her for their work and dedication. That means sucking it up and visiting Mr. Persnickety, the one professor who you never saw eye to eye with. Who knows? You may find that he imparted more teachable moments to you in his picky ways than most of the other “normal” professors you admired the most.

Bucket List

Add three more ideas to this bucket list and complete those tasks too. Encourage your fellow classmates to pursue like goals or to come up with a few of their own. Soon, college will be over and your chance for having fun may be sorely diminished as you don a suit and head out into the world of work.

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