5 Tips for Incoming First Year of College

5 Tips for Incoming First Year of College
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    Heading off to your first day of college can be exciting and overwhelming.

    When I was in my first day of college I was so scared and I had no Idea what to expect.


Suddenly, I have my friends who are studying at the same campus and who helped me throughout the day.

So here are 5 tips that will help incoming college freshmen.

Don’t Skip Your Studies

When you’re in high school it might feel okay to skip classes, or even trying to skip your homework. However, when you’re in college these things are a bigger deal. In college it’s very important to focus on your study for an upcoming serious exam, and other tests.

Remember, the course that you will take on isn’t the same as in high school classes, and it is not as easy. It is very important to focus and you shouldn’t be skipping your studies.

Study Hard But Don’t Over Do It

You’ve just gotten your uniform or your brand new bags and notebooks and other stuff you need and you’re ready to head off to college.

Perhaps you would be willing to do anything to achieve a higher grade, but after a week of being hardworking, then…

Oh no! Why do I feel sick and I haven’t done all my homework? At this point, just focus on one thing at a time to make sure things will work out. You can work hard but you should always know your limits to avoid stress.

Use Campus resources

Does your campus have everything? Such as free gym membership, free resume editing, free lectures etc? Well, that is not really free because everything you see on campus is paid with your tuition dollars. So, why not use it?

Ask Someone For Help

Sometimes you can’t avoid having a personal problem or having trouble. These types of scenarios should be resolved immediately. If you’re having trouble with your roommate, call your Resident Assistant. If you have financial problems talk to your school’s financial aid office to let them know.

If you’re feeling sick or depressed, always check yourself in at your campus counseling center.

You should not hide these types of problems and solve them alone, because there are always people that can help you resolve them.

other valuable tips:

Have fun in College

You probably heard this many times when talking about fun time; well of course college is awesome. This is because you can go to parties (whenever you’re invited) and even different events together with your friends.

Remember, you only go to college once, so why not enjoy your time? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your college life. But again, you have to remember to always focus on your studies. Don’t waste that expensive tuition just going to parties and not reaching your goals.

Just remember a degree is the most important thing, and no one can take that from you.

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