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College Tips – 5 Tips for College Freshmen

Are you ready to face all the changes when heading off to college? When you’re starting to study in college there’s always a ton of big life changes.

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5 Tips for Incoming First Year of College

Heading off to your first day of college can be exciting and overwhelming. When I was in my first day of college I was so scared and I had no Idea what to expect.

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5 Tips For Freshmen Before Going To College

College, the transition into the ‘real world’ just a summer after high school. Some face the challenge with excitement and optimism, ready to take the world by storm.

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How To Survive Your Freshman Year in 5 Easy Steps

For many, the freshman year is an exciting opportunity full of possibility, opportunity and the chance to create a memorable college experience. Your academic record is clean, you have quite a lot of independence and the resources to establish a direction for your social and academic life.

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9 Tips for Getting Through the First Year of College: Part 2/2

Tweet Enjoy, and I hope these tips will help you get through freshman year! 6. Try to bring ice breakers If you have some movies in the room, they can

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Your First Semester at College: How to Prepare

With high school now behind you, it may be time for you to turn your attention to higher pursuits. Namely, your higher education or what is best known as college or university.

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These Colleges Are Still Looking for Freshmen and Transfer Students

The deadline for deciding which college you will attend this fall was on May 5, but there are more than 250 colleges and universities that still have openings.

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College Freshmen: How to Make the Most of Your First Year

Few students register for college with the intent to fail or drop out. Unfortunately, by the end of your freshman year, one in three of your first-year classmates will quit according to US News and World Reports.

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Focused College Freshmen Have Their Careers In Mind

Tweet The UCLA survey, conducted annually, is administered by that university’s Higher Education Research Institute, part of its Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. Economic Influence The current survey

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Campus Car Banning Continues To Expand

Tweet Students who wish to have a car with them while attending college are finding the going more and more difficult as colleges across the nation. Some schools have a

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High School Senior: Future College Freshman

Tweet College Countdown — One Year Left! High school seniors are returning to school this year with mixed feelings: on the one hand they’ll really enjoy being at the top

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Making The Most Of Your Freshmen Year At College

Tweet Your Freshmen Year Will Set The Trend Over the next few weeks, this year’s college freshmen class will be arriving at campuses all across the country, a little bit