Which is the Hardest ACCA Paper?

Which is the Hardest ACCA Paper?
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    People who pass ACCA papers the first time around make up 25% of total test-takers.

    This isn't a shock though as it's known to be one of the most difficult exams to pass first time around.


The good news is that you can take multiple attempts to pass the exam. On the other hand, if you do manage to pass it first time around, you’ll set yourself apart from other future job applicants.

The Hardest Paper

As many students will tell you, all ACCA papers are difficult. At the Fundamental Level, some students struggle with F8 multiple times, while others breeze through it the first time. The same can be said about all the other Fundamental Level exams.

It’s a similar story at the Professional Level as well. Some students can pass P1 the first time without trying too much, while others have to take it a few times. A lot of this depends on your aptitude and interest in the various subjects and what your final career goal is. Is it to become a financial advisor, management accountant, auditor, etc.?

How to Pass ACCA Exams Hassle-Free

Now, if you’re ready to pass ACCA exams without any hassle, read on about our five key tips to passing first-time around.

  • 1. Start studying early!

    Ensure that you schedule enough study time in your calendar. You cover each portion in advance and give yourself enough time to study sections multiple times before taking the exam.

    Not only do you have to learn the material once, but you also need to ensure that you completely understand it before moving on.

    This will help you to perform better on your ACCA exam. Without a doubt, long term memory will serve you better for this than relying on your short term memory.

  • 2. Look at it from the examiner’s perspective

    If you know what the examiner is looking for, you can streamline your study efforts. It’s important to understand why so many students fail first time. If you’re aware of the reasons behind this, you can prepare yourself. To get an idea of the examiner’s perspective, be sure to check out the Examiner’s Interview Approach guidelines from the ACCA website.

  • 3. Don’t stress yourself out!

    Don’t let the fact that it’s a difficult exam stress you out as this will only make taking the test even harder.

    While you should work hard to prepare yourself, it’s also important to take breaks at times, so set some time aside for relaxation during those revision days. After all, in order to perform well, you need to be relaxed.

  • 4. Continue working on the answering techniques

    As well as making yourself familiar with ACCA content, ensure that your exam-answering technique is also up to scratch. A good way to start is by practicing questions from the ACCA website as how you answer questions is critical in this exam.

  • 5. Stay healthy

    Be sure not to ignore your health before the exam. Don’t skip meals, sleep for at least 7-8 hours the night before an exam and consider taking a preparatory course. Good luck!

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