4 Student Supplies Every College Classroom Needs

4 Student Supplies Every College Classroom Needs
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    The design and use of college classrooms has changed dramatically in recent years with the growing use of technology.

    However, certain basic supplies are still found in most classrooms due to their helpful support of academic learning.


Below are several key resources that continue to facilitate student success.

Comfortable Seating

School furniture comes in many styles and designs. College classrooms sometimes use lab tables with solid chairs to accommodate students’ work on science experiments, math calculations, and writing assignments.

Computer labs feature tables or work stations for laptops or computer monitors; the seats may be configured into rows, a semicircle, or other arrangements to encourage individual as well as group class activities.

Student comfort and support of classroom learning approaches are the goals.

Whiteboards and Blackboards

Many college instructors like to use whiteboards with colored markers and blackboards with chalk to demonstrate specific features from the course objectives or textbook reading.

Classroom walls may be lined with one or more of these boards for both students and instructor to use for posting examples and working problems, as they provide visual access to everyone in the room for an inclusive approach to instruction.

Chalk or markers and erasers should also be available in the classroom.

Projection System

Whether showing the class a transparency image or presenting a teaching video, a classroom projection system plays an essential role in providing college students alternate ways of mastering new concepts. This is an important addition, as there are several types of learning styles, including visual, that students may utilize based on their abilities and preference.

Display Areas

Classroom easels, display cases, and bulletin boards are a valuable way to showcase illustrations and models that can enhance textbook lessons and instructor lectures. Although regular classroom walls can be used as display areas, having a centralized focal area can underscore the importance of these objects and make them more accessible for student observation and study.

Display areas that are mobile are especially helpful in bringing them front and center when needed and moving them out of the way when not being used.

other valuable tips:

A classroom that is furnished with supplies and equipment like these offer support through a variety of means to support student learning. Affordable as well as easy to install and use, these supplies may enable students to fully engage in the college classroom experience while ensuring that the college remains competitive with other campuses that are doing the same.

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